Ladies, I'm on a Quest...

  1. ..for my "perfect travel bag" and I need your help to find it. My criteria are:
    • Leather, black or dark brown or dark grey, no logos
    • Gold-tone or brass hardware, or very minimal silver hardware
    • Medium sized
    • Can be worn on shoulder or carried, comfortable lightweight bag
    • Not too slouchy, not too structured
    • Main compartment zips closed
    • Zip, cell phone and PDA pockets in main compartment
    • Outside pocket for keys a plus
    • Chic and classic, nothing terribly trendy
    • This would be a bag to carry travelling, so must be sturdy and well-made
    I have this bag on order to try out:
    eLUXURY - Dior - Cannage Medium Zipped Hobo Dior

    Here's what I've ruled out so far:
    Marc Jacobs Christy Hobo
    Most other current MJ styles, too heavy
    Botkier Bianca (not as easy to wear on the shoulder as I'd like)
    Balenciaga Day (too deep and slouchy, hate digging around in bottom of bag to find things)
    Ferragamo Marisa and Vittoria satchels (too much silver)

    I welcome your suggestions, ladies. Let's brainstorm! :yes:
  2. chloe edith? :p
  3. I've heard that they're heavy, but haven't picked one up yet. I'll check them out, thanks!
  4. i carry balenciaga most of the time and recently got vinyl coco cabas, those are ver lightweight bags so i consider my edith heavy.
    but i find the edith very helpful for carrying more sturdy stuff like papers folders and laptop.
    it is def. less heavier than paddington :yes:
  5. Hee hee, my 9 year old is less heavy than a Paddington, I think. ;) That's why I sold mine.
  6. I would recommend Bulga for the lightweight leather. The Bulga Large (it's not that large) Pudding Flap tote. It seems to meet all your criteria except it doesn't have a cell phone or a PDA holder, just a inside zip compartment and a outside flap compartment that can hold your keys. I can't seem to locate it in black, brown or grey. But this is what it looks like:


    It's not too structured nor slouchy. Very well-made, great leather, minimal hardware. I have it in Navy Small. Another Bulga bag that may work for you (don't have this one...yet):


  7. Ooh, that's cute! Thanks for the suggestion.
  8. ha ha ha...

    btw, nice bag u got !!
  9. Thanks...I have my fingers crossed that it's not fake. I've heard too many stories lately about fakes on Bluefly to feel 100% comfortable.
  10. i'd have to agree with bulga...i just bought my first one yesterday and love it...they come in a tons of colors and sizes and have varying amounts of pockets and compartments...i really love the leather, it's so soft and yummy and light and there are NO logos!!! there is a small (tiny) "bulga" engraved on one of the pieces of hardware (so tiny, you have to look to find it!)...good luck on your quest!:heart:
  11. Love the Bulga. Botkier has nice ones too. Dior can be heavy too, you better try them in the stores first before purchasing.
  12. I like it, but I'm holding off on buying any more Chanel until I get to Paris in May. :yahoo: I've warned the PHH that there *will* be handbag purchases on that trip. :p