Ladies, I'm Definately going to need you on this one!!

  1. Well let me start off by saying my name is Julian and I'm currently 16 years old. I'm currently attending high school and I'm in my junior year starting in September. I consider myself financially 'well off' but not "well off" enough to go out and say "Hmmm...let me go out and buy a $1275 Louis Vuitton bag" [no offense to anyone, hell I wish I was in your shoes for a day!] lol catch my drift?

    Anyways, heres the story. My Mom is a NYPD Detective and has 18 years so far on the job [2 more to go and she's retiring]. She does late hours everyday, and this past summer seemed to be her hardest of work. Monday-Friday from lets say 9am in the morning til about 1am or 2am at night. Pretty rough, in my opinion.

    Now her birthday is coming up in a few weeks [Sept.18th to be exact], and I've been planning for a few days now [a bit ahead of time] of what to do for her special day. My friend and I are going back to school shopping this week in Manhattan, and we both love designer clothing [some examples: Hugo Boss, Kenneth Cole, Burberry, D&G, A/X, Versace sport, etc...] just because we love high-end doesnt always mean we can afford it though! [I JUMP on the sales, ya kno?]

    Thing is.. Our parents dont feel the same way. Especially my mom. I bought her a Sean by Sean John top a year ago from the Sean John store, back when they launched the womens line, 'Sean by Sean Combs', and she loved it.....until she saw the price tag [dangit forgot to rip that badboy off!]. She said she appreciated it dearly, but she had me return it. She loves to buy me the expensive clothes, but never seems to ever have time for herself, and that makes me feel bad sometimes.

    So this year, I've been thinking of a few things. When I go downtown sometime this week with my friend turtle [his nickname], I'm planning on going to this spa on 56th St. called Metamorphosis, and see what they're about. A nice spa treatment for mom.. Pedicure, some massaging.. That sounds good in my opinion.

    Next thing i've got planned is right after that spa, I come back to the spa to pick her up, and I tell her lets head back home, theres more to your day. Then when we get upstairs, thats when I give her, her outfit she'll wear for the special dinner i'll have planned [ idea..also need some advice on that].

    Now ladies.. This is where you come in.. What are some good ideas for a nice, dinner dress for someone like her to wear? Nothing too revealing, of course, and nothing that'll make her look 10x her age. Something just right for such a special occasion. Something no sleeved would be best. And something not too expensive, as I wouldnt want to go through the same incident as last year. Maybe $150 and less.
    [and how can I find out her size in dresses without her knowing..?]

    Another thing.. What's a nice shoulder bag I could get her for such a night? My friend suggested a Gucci off eBay..but ehhh...I've heard of alot of fakes being auctioned off. Not good. Something from $80-$100 would be nice.

    Also, what are some good dinner restaurant ideas? She's into spanish and italian food. But mostly spanish. I dont want to go to a restaurant she's been to a hundred times. We both like trying new restaurants!

    I'm looking into saving as much money as possible now. Forget whatever it is I want. I think its about time I treated her for being such a great mom for the past 16 years!

    Thanks in advance, ladies! I appreaciate it alooott!!! :yes:
  2. That's very sweet of you. Most moms have a problem with their kids spending money on them so just cutoff the price tag.

    hmm you want to buy her a dress for under $150...that's very, very doable.

    You must know her size though...look in her closet to get an idea but in any event make sure you get something you can return if the size is wrong.

    I would check Banana Republic, Zara and maybe even Express and the Limited.

    If you are in NYC go to Century 21 downtown. You will get a fabulous deal on a dress. Make sure you go to the 3rd floor though.

    You can also hit the Macy's and Bloomingdales sales rack

    I like this because it is figure flattering:

    this too:

    and a link to their sales stuff:
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  4. As for the dress please remember that women's sizes aren't consistent, so I would take the measurements of a dress that she's worn recently. (We do sometimes keep things in our closet that don't fit). A 6 at Banana Republic doesn't equal a 6 in Express.

    Another idea I have for you is how about a piece of jewelry? For example a Tiffany open heart necklace in sterling (if you mom likes silver). Its $135 and a very popular design. It would also be nice because your mom could wear it often. Tiffany has some other nice pieces in silver, so maybe that is a possiblity.


    As for a Gucci from Ebay in that price range it would have to be used and you would have to be very, very careful not to get a fake.

    I love the spa idea, very nice.
  5. Oh you're in NYC, why don't you check out Filene's Basement for a nice handbag? They often have Coach and some other nice bags in that price range. Also you could try Century 21 but I've never personally been there and I've heard its a mad house.
  6. I'd definitely recommend a clutch for eveningwear, instead of a shoulderbag.

    Especially with a sleeveless dress.

    Much more stylish, IMO. :yes:

    The added advantage of a clutch is that they tend to be smaller and so you'll get a little more quality for your money. ;)

    Edited to add: Personally, I'd spend a little more on the bag, even if that means you spending a little less on the dress.

    Also, the safest bet, for most women, would be a black dress.

    BTW, are you sure she likes her arms enough to wear sleeveless? If not, you don't want to be in the situation where she feels exposed and has no wrap/pashmina to cover them...
  7. I think harlem_cutie's suggestion of this dress, particularly in black, is a great one; as it is a flattering, comfortable, versatile design, which she can dress down for day, or up for evening. :yes:


    Add a beautiful clutch and I'll bet you'd have one very happy Mom!!! :biggrin:
  8. To Passerby: She is going to be 41 :yes:

    Harlem_cutie: VERYY nice dresses there! I especially like a few that are in the sale section. Only thing is, will any of those actually be at the Banana Republic store? I'd rather pick it up at the store than buy it online, but if not, then i'd do it.

    Chloehandbags: From what I saw in her wardrobe thus far, most of her dresses were sleeveless. And the dress length went a little past her kneecap. I'm about 5'8. She's about...hmm..5'4-5'5'ish. I like that dress you suggested as well ALOT, but, the V-Neck'ish may be a little too much exposure? lol well its definately something to think about.

    winternight: WOW! I love that necklace! It'd look soo pretty on her! Thanks for the suggestion. Hopefully they have it for that price in my area. Also thanks for the suggestion of something she's wore recently, as just the other day she was somewhat "complaining" about their being no space in her closet. I'm like.. do you still wear all those clothes? And she said no, as most of them dont even fit anymore..Most still had the tags on.. From macys, bloomingdales, etc. etc. Didnt get a look at them, though.

    I've been to Century 21 about 6 times now [5 times this past july lol] and I love that madhouse.. I hate how everything is thrown around and you have to sorta rush to find the good stuff before anyone else does, but it sure does keep me active. They have a LOT of handbags and all those fashionable bags you ladies love to care for, but alot of them are unfortunately tossed around, off racks, etc. Filene's Basement is also a great idea. Just checked out the website too. Sounds like i'll be passing by that place this week! :yes:

    Passerby: I like those bags, especially the 2nd one. Thing is, I'm looking to get her dress first. So if the dress matches with one of those bags, then I'm definately going to get one. Very much thanks for the suggestions! That dress you suggested is also very nice, but the brown part im not too sure she'll "dig". She can be a little plain with her outfits, but she does have a very creative mind when it comes to matching and mixing.

    Ladies, thanks for ALL of your help. I'm definately going to be going around manhattan sometime this week, maybe Friday. By train im only 4 stops away [I live in the Bronx, right next to the 4 train stop]. Wish I had a car, this way I wouldnt do much walking! :smile:
  9. Julian, what do you think of chloehandbags' suggestion of a clutch - I think it's an excellent idea. Will post a couple of suggestions here even before you buy your lucky mum a dress. After you pick the dress, please be sure to post a pic here. Good luck! :smile:

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  10. THATS a clutch..those bags you have to hold underneath your arm? I see... My mom has a vintage gucci one of those.. So she could definately use a new clutch lol.. Very nice ones you picked, too! Now if I get her a black dress from lets say Banana Republic, what would be a nice color clutch to get? I would think something like a cream colored clutch, or like a light brown? Not very much color coordinated when it comes to dresses and clutches, so yeah! lol.. what about shoes? Thats another headache! ::slaps hand on forehead::
  11. Silly of me not to realise that you can't buy the dress and bag online, can you? I mean if it's going to be a surprise, you can't have a package delivered to your home. That means lots of shopping for you to do (I hate shopping myself, far prefer online browsing :smile: ) Are you going to get the shoes for her as well?
  12. I prefer them both hand in hand, but the thing is, I'm not sure if that has on the sale section of their site will be in the store [I could always call and find out actually...] Plus, USPS/UPS dont deliever til after she's left to work anyway. She's barely ever home to see the mailtruck come by.

    Then again, I'd much rather have the dress in front of me to see if it'll fit her. I have to go through her closet right about now [would be a good time] and check her size. But whats something I should look for? Is it just a number like 2, 4, 6,8 or is it a number with a letter? or is it 2 letters instead of a number?
  13. JCMStyles, I'm not really sure how much help I can be, but I just read this posting and can't help but rave how sweet you are to your Mom! I am sure that she will be thrilled! Can't wait to see what you decide on!