Ladies...I would like to present....

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  1. 03 True Red First with Silver Hardware :yahoo:

    I just got from my friend last week after looking my friend's collection, then I decided to pick her back home :wlae:
    P1060596.JPG P1060598.JPG P1060600.JPG P1060599.JPG
  2. oh no... I think the bales are a bit square - no?
  3. oh dear:sad:. Doesn't look right, thai friend :sad:. Square bales and "O" by the N too large.
  4. :sad::sad:
  5. OMG where's that wonderful colour chart? I need to go re-check the reference section...!
  6. Oh dear Thai, I think you definately have a fake on your hands...I think I remember seeing this one on the Authenticate This thread a number of weeks ago...
  7. :sad:
  8. So sorry, definitely fake...
  9. Oh no that definitely isn't authentic :sad:

    The "O" next to the "N" is way too large and the bales look squared to me also. Looking at the color chart though, it does look like the Rose color.

    Return it to her quickly!
  10. :sad:Oh dear! I noticed right away too! I just hope your friend didn't do it intentionally.:crybaby:
  11. :oh::sad: oh no!
  12. I'm so sad this is happening to you:sad:
  13. sorry to tell you that the bag is fake.
  14. Sorry to hear tht too :sad:
    I hope ur friend didn't intend to do so :sad: & i wish u can return it and get ur money back.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.