LADIES!! I was just watching the WE channel....

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  1. so I was just watching the show "Hopkins" on the We channel with my mom... never watched it before and decided to keep it on.
    Well they were showing a woman who works at the hospital, who happened to be the first woman urologist at the hospital....
    She was explaining that she had to be comfortable with all the terms she had to use ... and then
    they showed her examining an older gentleman's private parts...
    he then turn around so she can i guess examine his butt (hehe) and she's sitting in a chair wearing a gorgeous pair of Numero Prives!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i dunno if i would examine a strangers private parts in these lovely shoes!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA just thought i'd share. my mom and i were laughing so hard!!
  2. That is too funny! I was flipping channels and saw it was on! It would have never occurred to me that they could be in that show. LOL!!
  3. There's a liver transplant MD that flashed a bit of red on her soles. I couldn't tell if they were CLs or not. They looked like one of those obscure wedges from last season.

    We know MDs (and RNs) wear CLs! Ahem carlinha, edrine, etc.
  4. ^ Ashakes :yes:
  5. Thank God for them, too.

    I throw up a little in my mouth when I see the medical people getting dressed in the morning @ my gym (the courthouse where I work is right by a huge Children's Hospital--both are about a block away from the gym I go to during the week) wearing CROCS!!!!
  6. ^i HATE crocs... they look so yucky... but i do have a pair of dansko clogs from back in the surgery days...

    there is this famous gyn onc surgeon here in long island... she is an excellent surgeon, but she is also famous for being exceptionally well-kept, well-dressed, perfectly manicured, and operating in stiletto heels (4 inches+)... and i'm not talking about 1-2 hour surgeries ladies... gyn onc surgeries can last up to 6-8 hours depending on the complexity of the case... she is my absolute HEROINE!
  7. wow! good for her!!!! talk about sexy surgeon :smile:
  8. yeah NO IDEA how she does it!!! i would die in about 30min-1 hour!
  9. operating in heels? OMG, I can barely walk for an hour in some of mine. I actually have had sort of a trigger finger type thing in my toe a few times and I'm worried that it's because of walking in heels so much. Like my foot will cramp up and I can't move my toe for a while.