Ladies...I said "Fudge it!" r/o...


Sep 13, 2005
I got the nerve up and called Hermes myself to get all my questions answered. I called the SCP in O.C, Ca and the waiting list is closed for the JPG shoulder birkin. I was soooo freakin' bummed! And the SA told me it was closed all over the states. I did not take her word for it and decided to call the Houston store since I was moving there anyway. I called and a really nice&friendly (surprised me) SA asked me where I was calling from. I told her Cali and she said sorry, but she could not put me on the waiting list. I told me that I would be moving back in two weeks and she was like, oh, wonderful because she could only put me on the list if I was a customer in the store. She took dowm my information and now I have a chance to get the bag!! I'm so excited!! I'll be seeing her when I get down there!! The bag will set my future hubby back $7,600+tax!! Ouchy!!!

What colors do you think is nice in that particular style? I told the SA to put me down for red