Ladies...I said "Fudge it!" r/o...

  1. I got the nerve up and called Hermes myself to get all my questions answered. I called the SCP in O.C, Ca and the waiting list is closed for the JPG shoulder birkin. I was soooo freakin' bummed! And the SA told me it was closed all over the states. I did not take her word for it and decided to call the Houston store since I was moving there anyway. I called and a really nice&friendly (surprised me) SA asked me where I was calling from. I told her Cali and she said sorry, but she could not put me on the waiting list. I told me that I would be moving back in two weeks and she was like, oh, wonderful because she could only put me on the list if I was a customer in the store. She took dowm my information and now I have a chance to get the bag!! I'm so excited!! I'll be seeing her when I get down there!! The bag will set my future hubby back $7,600+tax!! Ouchy!!!

    What colors do you think is nice in that particular style? I told the SA to put me down for red
  2. That is about the most hopeful story I've heard all day long!
  3. That's awesome! How about classic black? But red is very beautiful too! hehe
  4. Incredible! How exciting! Please, please, please post pictures when that awsome day arrives!!:nuts: