Ladies, I really need your help right now...

  1. I graduated from college in June in Political Science and International Relations and just completed a six month internship with the UN Headquarters in NY. I have already been accepted for a Masters in International Relations, Peace and Conflict Resolution in Australia and will be returning to Australia next Saturday as my fiancé lives there.

    So, from a career stand point, I am in a really good position to advance my skills and, coming from parents that are a Dr and Prof Dr and with a brother in foreign services this is exactly the way to go.

    However, I am just not really sure about what I want to do right now. I would actually be kind of interested in working in HR. I have not told my family about this as I know that no one in my family would approve of this choice and I am not even sure if I will find something good even though I really wish I would.

    I just don't feel like studying right now but I am scared that this might be a stupid thing to do. My semester starts on 26 Feb and I need to have found a job until then to justify not continuing my masters and I don't even know if I would be an eligible candidate for an HR job. I am so confused... I have applied to a few jobs and have one interview for a marketing and sales graduate job as soon as I get back and am yet to hear from the rest of the companies I applied to...

    I am very happy to be with my fiancé who is very successful in the finance field and would not mind working for a few years in the HR department of a good, international company (even though I don't know if they would even hire me considering I don't have an HR degree).

    I can't talk to my family about this as they would be shocked about this and would just try to talk me out of it until I give in.

    So I am wondering: is this a bad idea? Should I just do my masters and then see what happens? I just feel like I am ready to live in a nice apartment with nice furniture and a steady lifestyle etc. as I am so over the student lifestyle, yet I really do want to have a career.

    My fiancé will support me in whatever I want to do but I feel like I can't really talk to anyone else about it as I am ashamed as I feel that it is embarrassing to be thinking like this right now - I don't know why...

    Do any of you ladies and gents have any advice for me? Maybe any own stories of how your found your personal and professional happiness? Have you ever been in a similar situation? Thanks so much!
  2. Havent been in your situation, but maybe do your masters and start a career in that field first, and if you still fill strongly about doing HR, then you can jump ship with great achievements in another field, they would not mind that you didnt get an HR degree?
  3. ^^Thanks for your response, Vmpyre! :yes:So you think it is important for me to contiune my studies right away as opposed to get some experience first? It is so weired becuse I am such a jolly, positive person and always used to know what i want but this is really worrying me right now...
  4. If you're iffy on getting your MA in your current line of study, get some experience in the work world and then choose what you'd like your MA to be in. I already have a few friends who jumped right into thier MAs, finished them and decided that field wasn't for them, and are not planning their next degree. I guess I don't want to be a student forever, so I wouldn't start an MA program unless I knew thats what I'd need for my career.
  5. ^^Thanks for that, Blue824-that is exactly how I feel! I am so glad that you can relate to my situation!:yes:
  6. Definitely follow your heart and do not jump into the Master's program because of your family's expectations. I have a friend who is currently doing her residency at John Hopkins Hospital in pediatrics and she is really realizing that a doctor is not what she wants to be. She felt obligated in pursuing a career in medicine because of her mom.

    Work for a little bit in HR and if you don't like it, go back to school.
  7. ^^Thanks Envyme:yes: I am so glad that what you are saying does not make me feel like a drop-out but sounds like the right thing to do - it is so refreshing!:flowers:
  8. Wow, I can so totally relate to what you're going through... because I'm studying in the exact same field... and honestly, I have no idea if this is what I really want, either.

    Now that you have experience and a degree, I think if you are not sure you're fit for a career in that field, you need to try it out and see for yourself. :yes: If you are absolutely sure that this is not what you want to do, it's okay, we all make mistakes...!!! You really need to listen to your heart and do what you WANT to do, rather than what you should do! Life is short. Don't waste it working in a field you don't like! I say get a job, figure out how it all works out for you, and then you'll see... maybe you'll figure out what MA you want to apply for! And if you're missing a few classes, take them! The more you know, the better it is no?

    So basically, my advice would be, don't be afraid to try. Do what you love, not what sounds correct. :smile:
  9. I don't think you'll have a problem getting an HR job with your degree. I think your degree would be an asset. I think you have a very bright future!
    If you have no work experience or very little, I think going & getting a masters can work against you. I used to be an adjunct professor for under & grad students. The ones with no work experience didn't have much to contribute to class discussions & felt left out. The also found it tough to do assignments because many were job related.
    Maybe you'll find a job that will have education benefits & you can work on your degree on their dime. Many of my students were also allowed to do their class projects at work cause they were work related.
    I'm with the majority here. But I would try to complete your masters before 30 if possible, you wil reap the most rewards this way.
  10. Thank you so much for your responses, NextNewFace and Vegas Long Legs!

    Vegas Long Legs, I am so glad that you think I might be able to get an HR job with your degree and that my degree might even be an asset in that field.:yes:

    I am still quite young (just turned 23 this month) so I definitely want to complete my masters before 30- I would just like to start it when I am 25 or 26 as opposed to getting a Masters degree in Peace and Conflict Resolution right now since this might not be the best Masters in case I want a career in a different field. So I was thinking that, in a sense, it is a waste of time to specialize that much in this field right now, right?
  11. I think you will be able to get an HR job easily.

    I was in a similar situation when I just graduated from college. I did not really want to get a MS because I was not sure this is the field that I wanted to get into. I ended up continuing the grad school. Until now, I am still not sure that this is something that I want to do for the rest of my life. I can tolerate it. People in my field get paid well, and it is like a golden handcuff to me. I am not too old to start over to do something else (still in mid twenties). But the golden handcuff is holding me back.

    So I guess my sugestion will be, if you want to try something else, try it now before you have a lot to lose. Because once you get into something and get comfortable with the money, you will not want to lose the comfort to do something that you really want.
    Hope this makes sense.
    Good luck....
  12. Most political science degrees aren't good for much except being a lawyer or politician (or diplomat I suppose). I have mine (political science and minor in business) and it has nothing to do with my career. I don't think most of the people in our HR department were specifically trained initially for best friend just started in that dept and her degree is in fine arts. :smile:

    I actually worked the entire time I was getting my degree and now am in a better position than most of my peers who went right to school and studied only with no external job experience. Now I have both! :smile:
  13. I might be all wet but I could see alot of areas of business finding your peace & conflict focus as an asset. Especially HR! If you could take what you learn & apply it more toward business needs.
    My dad was a labor union consultant focusing on contract negotiations. Believe me, they could of used someone with peace & conflict skills.
    Just some suggestions -
    If your parents have a fit about you not going to get your masters right away, do a game plan for them for the next few years on what your goals are & when you plan on finishing. People as well educated as your parents sometimes "can't see the forest for the trees." Don't say anything to them about wanting to have a nice apartment, furniture, or material stuff. Focus on the career & how you would like to take your skills & apply it to business.
  14. Can you postpone going back to school? I know a lot of programs will let you defer and go back later. Follow your heart...if you want to work in HR, try it out! You never want to be in a position where you will have regrets later. You are still don't want to look back in 10 years and think "what if?" Go for it hon!

    I know this won't help, but I have a degree in International Studies...loved it, but am having trouble deciding what I want to do with the rest of my life too! Wish I was going back to school...anyway, good luck!!
  15. truthfully I can sort of relate to just wanting this whole school craziness to end because after a while as a student your burnt out.

    that being said good luck with what you choose
    and i understand the familial approach that certain fields just aren't good enough or acceptable in their eyes.,...but you know what some tiems you have to try something new to mkae yourself happy........good luck