Ladies...I need your wisdom

  1. Hi everyone!
    I am a newbie to this forum and as I was browsing :wlae: I saw some pics of beautiful purses ya'll owned! I am pretty much done with my Gucci, LV, Versace collection and am ready to venture into the world of CHANEL!! So, I am in need of some info and advice!

    I have a purse that I reallly want...I went to CHANEL (South Coast Plaza) and sadly...they said they dont carry it anymore :sad: . If any of you know where else I may be able to get this...any info would be GREATLY appreciated!--(o btw, I reside in O.C.--So.Cali)
    photo attached.
    (It's from the PNY Fall/Winter2006, I believe the style # is 06 A3246)

    THANKS!!! :yahoo:
  2. Welcome to the board! The SA at SCP should be able to help you track one down, or you can call the 1-800 number - they should be able to locate some stock if it's still available, esp. with the style number.
  3. i know there is one on E-bay too .
  4. I think that was at Neiman Marcus Newport Beach last week. Give them a call and ask for Nicolai. Tell him Lynn sent you.
  5. Thank You girls! So helpful! :biggrin:

    **If I can't get a hold of this...I am open to other styles. Any MUST HAVES from their line?**
  6. I'll move this over to the Chanel Shopping Forum. . . .
    The whole PNY Ligne is pretty fantastic, look through our Reference LIbrary for more photos, also check out the Vintage Ligne Reference thread in there, similar qualities in these 2 lignes.
  7. This bag is called the darkwhite PNY flap bag. I am surprised that members are seeing this bag in boutique because I was told it was completely sold out and impossible to get especially in the darkwhite color.
  8. :s Any luck finding this bag? I, like Smooth, was told that the dk white was sold out.

  9. Sadly no luck~~ :crybaby:
    I decided to move on...and look for another style for now. many beauties to chooooose will I ever decide? :drool: