ladies i need your opinions

  1. do you think i should bring a bag to my upcoming trip to orlando (disney and such) on nov24-dec08 or just put my important stuff in my pocket?? TIA!!
  2. I know I couldn't fit all my essentials in my pocket. :smile: Why don't you bring a bag that can take some wear and that you won't have to worry about very much? Maybe just a tote or a nylon bag? Have fun on your trip!
  3. A bag. Assuming you're thinking about a designer bag, I strongly advise, you don't put it down if you're going to go on rides. In that scenario, make sure it's not a handheld bag, but one that can rest comfortably on your body.
  4. i would bring a lower price bag just in case something was to happen to it, you won't need to worry
  5. I agree. Things can easily get stolen, and you don't want to be worrying all day about your bag getting stolen because you want to have fun!
  6. A light crossbody or sling would work great. Something small and flat so you can tuck it in next to you on rides.
  7. I would definetly take a bag, something that is comfy and not overly heavy and can take a bit of damage.
  8. I would bring a shoulder bag with zipper so I could carry it crossbody. I could also put my water bottle inside.
  9. Believe it or not, I carry my Prada nylon backpack in black, it can hold a lot, doesn't show dirt, basically waterproof--but I purposely do not fill it full as it is too bulky. I live in FL, so I've spent many days at the theme parks over the years, and have found that to be best. If I'm on a ride where my back needs to be flat against the ride, I just put the bag in front, if it's not too full it works.
  10. thanks everyone!! i am actually thinking of a sling bag
  11. i definitely agree with a cross body bag...
    : )
  12. definately crossbody. maybe smaller too
  13. yep, i agree ^.
  14. Agreed on sling or messenger bag. As extra precaution, I'd put important stuff, such as wallets and passport/ID, into one of the zippered pockets within the bag. Have a great trip!
  15. ^^^ thanks everyone ladies! now ive decided for a sling bag