Ladies I need your opinions please!

  1. What wallet would match well with the Beverly GM? I love the clasp on the Beverly. Unfortunatley they won't be coming out with a wallet with the same clasp. Any suggestions?
  2. mono koala, gold dentelle, or a pop of pomme vernis!
  3. Oh I'd get the pomme vernis for sure!! It's a gorgeous colour!
  4. YES! Vernis in Pomme...So cute!
  5. I vote for a koala! In pomme, framboise, or perle, or really, ANY vernis color!
  6. Koala would be Great idea since it match Beverly's brass hardware!!!
  7. the pomme koala!
  8. ITA!
  9. Pomme Koala!
  10. koala in mono!!!!
  11. pomme koala!! [​IMG]
  12. Thanks fellow Pfer's! Pomme Koala it is!
  13. Pomme Zippy or Koala!
  14. The Koala is cute, and the PTI would be great if you need a larger wallet.
  15. The Pomme Koala is PERFECT! I can't wait to see pics!