Ladies~~~ I need your opinions, opinions and opinions.....

  1. OK, I have been hunting for a white tri-color in mini like forever. And so far, still no luck. I am getting so tired on looking, so decided to give up. And thats when I discovered the beauty of Nano. lol....BUT this time, I need you ladies' help on the color. I am still thinking tri-color this time becasue I already have 2 solid colors (black + souris) in mini. And I want the color to be good for both summer and winter time. So definately need your help, and feel free to post any pictures.

    Thank you! Thank you!
  2. There's a huge difference between the mini and the nano so do you think a nano could even work for you, regardless of the color? I've never seen the nano in person but sight unseen I am thinking a tiny tri-color might be too busy.
  4. Has anyone seen a nano with jungle color ears in NANO? Anyone has a picture? Thanks.
  5. I get tons of compliments on my tricolor nano :smile:
  6. what color combo did you get?;)
  7. image-60282400.jpg

    Would this help?
  8. personally love the black n' white colored ones ... or the brown suede ones on the side but I guess those are not tri-color more like... duo colored?