"ladies I Need Your Opinions About Fakes!!!!"

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  1. I would love if all you guys can give me an opinion on the subject of fakes. Now I know a lot of you ladies only carry authentic bags and hate fakes, I myself own only authentic designer handbags. I am obsessed with handbags and always need a new one, the problem is my budget, I have been spending so much on handbags,I mean a lot!!:wtf: and thought about buying a good replica, they call it 7 star replicas, were no one can tell the difference, I didn’t purchase any replica handbags yet, but I am thinking about it. I need your opinions about this. I am so confused. Thanks ladies:shrugs::shrugs:
  2. You've asked the wrong people lol

    I'm sure everybody who read this post will give you a hard smack on the head :noggin: and everybody will give you 10 different reasons why you SHALL NEVER do it.
  3. I don't think fakes or replicas will satisfy your soul. It's like empty calories.
    Maybe slow down on your purchases and savor each one for a bit.........like a Godiva truffle. :heart:
  4. Kinda out of the topic... Just found out Godiva truffles contain hydrogenated fat!! Beware ladies
  5. Our opinion is this:
    we DO NOT support the trade of ILLEGAL counterfeit goods.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.