Ladies I need your opinion

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  1. Hi ladies, I'm new here and I need your opinion. I spent the longest time deciding between these two at the store. Cos the store can't do exchange for sale items. Which one do you think? The gold one is leather and smaller size. The black one is fabric and bigger. Thanks all :P

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  2. I vote for the black one. I like the way it looks.
  3. I say black too.
    Good Luck!
  4. I am gonna have to agree, I say go with the black.
  5. I really like the way the black one looks on you too. :smile:
  6. I vote for the black bag, too--it looks really good on you. That being said, do you feel that the difference in size matters--do you generally carry a a lot? If so, all the more reason why the black bag might better suit your needs.

    The gold is lovely--however, I've read some posts in which leather bags with a metallic finish sometimes "wear" poorly after some use. Don't know if that applies to this particular style, but you may want to search the forum to read about that.

    Good luck deciding!
  7. I really like the gold one! :smile:
  8. They both look great, and I generally prefer leather, but the metallic leather makes me nervous about wearing off problems. So I'd have to vote for the black, I think you'll get more use out of it.
  9. I like the black one--but both look fantastic on you!
  10. Black!
  11. I choose black!
  12. My vote is the's timeless
  13. I vote for gold! On the picture it looks like silver.
  14. was thinking the same thing!
  15. I am a metallics person so I would say the gold especially since it looks like a soft gold. That being said....what are YOU drawn to? They both look nice so go with your gut feeling on this one!