ladies i need your opinion

  1. ok i need help with a decision. as some of you alredy know there was a "display artisan bag" in the windows of the paris store a white bolide covered with a rose printed fabric. i sooo wanted that bag as a birkin but a bolide would have been also fab. but there is no way i can get that bag from hermès no special order no buying the one of a kind pice nothing!
    but i maybe get offered a possibility to get it still done: it would work that way. we´ll get a white birkin ( i want a two tone one with either vert anis piping flaps and handler or cyclamen) and then get it handpainted by a artisan with the same pattern that was used on that friggin display bag
    now i am unsure i love that bag to death and piece but i am unsure if that is or can be considered a "fake" i am just in-between so please state your opinions
    thanks alot lovelys :flowers:

    ah and here is a pic of it thanks to tokyo traveller who posted it in the tfs (mods if it is not ok to post the pic please feel free to remove it):flowers:
  2. Hey lilach!
    Truthfully, I just don't like any type of aftermarket additions (whether painting, diamonds) that Hermes doesn't do itself:smile:. I guess I'm an Hermes purist! I just really value the history and heritage of these bags. They are works of art on their own, IMO.
    This is tough. I mean, what are they going to do with that beautiful flower Bolide? There HAS to be a way you can acquire it...
  3. you are like me i hate aftermarked but this one is just so special.
    and believe me if there would be any possibility to get that bag from hermès directly it would never ever be an option for me to get it aftermarked. i would not even consider it.
    but it is impossible no matter what! money begging nothing will help :censor:
  4. Lilach, I personally love that Bolide and would seriously consider getting the same thing done. I will say this, no one else on the planet will have your bag. Should you get it done, tell me what type of artist you went to please.
  5. Lilach, it sure is beautiful. I am not an aftermarket person as well, but I can truly appreciate something gorgeous like that. I feel, in this case, it is truly a personal choice. It is really hard to let others make that decision for you. No one will have your bag...that is for sure...very elegant.
  6. The bag is beautiful Lilach and I feel your pain at not being able to acquire it. But I don't know if I would do the aftermarket thing and get the artistic work done by someone else. I would be afraid they would mess up the bag. As for your question about that meaning it would be fake...I don't know about that. I mean the bolide would still be authentic...just artwork done by someone outside of Hermes.

    Take some time to REALLY think about it.
  7. I wouldn't get it done after market simply because I wouldn't trust anyon else outside of Hermes with any Hermes bags. I don't think it'll be a fake because it's still Hermes, but I wouldn't think of it as an "original" Hermes, don't know how to explain it.

    I don't understand why they wouldn't sell it to you. I mean, what do they do with these bags then? Do they put them ALL in the museum? I don't understand. Also, if they can make special orders where they stenciled Pokemon on someone's Birkin (read this on an article somewhere but now I cannot remember where), why not this?
  8. well i do not know maybe i am not important enough :crybaby:
    ah and for clarification it will be the same artist who will be doing my bag who has done that pattern for hermès just with slightly changes so that there won´t be any legal problems.
  9. Awwww ... don't say that, Lilach!! You're OUR VIP!:yes:

    In that case, I think it's really really up to you. It would definitely be one-of-a-kind fabulous though. :girlsigh:
  10. do it! and enjoy it!
  12. so just in case i´ll get it done (with the help of fab people:flowers: )
    which birkin would you use for it
    -completely white
    -white with cyclamen piping,flaps,handles
    -white with vert anis piping flaps handles
    and gold or palladium hardware

    i know the final dcision is up to me but you are the only ladies i can speak with about these matters so your opinions are highly important to me as you all love hermès and have so much style :flowers:
  13. My vote is for completely white (let's the design stand out as the focal point) with gold hw.
  14. Second.:yes:
  15. I can't add much other than that it sounds like you truly love this, and that is the only thing that really matters! Go for it!!! And I agree with Shopmom- I would go with all white - let the design stand out in all its beauty! Its going to be gorgeous!