Ladies, I need your opinion! Which bag should I get?

  1. Hello Ladies,

    Thank you very much for educating me on the quality of Louis Vuitton bags in my previous post :yes: Im very new to the LV label and appreciate all the help!

    I have another question for you: I was thinking of buying Damier Azur Speedy 30 or Damier Canvas Speedy 30 as my first LV bag... but I looked around on the net and a lot of people say that because the bag is very soft, it doesnt hold its shape and looks saggy, especially when you stuff it up with the everyday goodies such as purse, mobile phone, cosmetics etc ect)... is it true? :sad:

    I was just wondering if anyone who owns a Speedy 30 could post a pic for me holing the bag when you have your things in it? :shrugs:

    Also, I wanted to ask if Speedy 30 is a good choise for a first LV bag as I've heard that there are a lot of fake versions of Speedy bags around (way more then there are of any other LV bags)... and I kinda dont want to buy a LV bag that everyone may think is a fake (I know, i know... that it shouldnt really matter what other people say... but you know... it kinds does :push: )

  2. My mom has the Azur and the Damier 30's...........She puts a magazine or twon on the bottom so they dont sag :smile:
  3. The Speedy is normally a very good choice for a first bag but yes, it is often faked and it does sag if you put a lot in it. If you like more structured bags maybe you should consider another bag? :yes:
  4. oh ok :wtf: ..... I dont really want to get an exclusive bag only to find that I need to put a magazine on te bottom to keep it from sagging :sad: :push: :sad: It would drive me absolutely NUUUUUTTTTTS!!!!!! LOL

    :wtf: :wtf: :wtf: :wtf:
  5. Do you have a LV boutique anywhere near you? Maybe you should go in and take a look at what is available?
  6. It is faked alot too.............
  7. use a purseket or put a piece of cardboard at the bottom to stop the sag. Speedy is a great entry bag for LV, but keep in mind it might take some adjustment time for you to get comfy w/handheld bags if you don't have any previousely. Welcome to LV forum! :flowers:
  8. Hi - and welcome! If you do like a more structured bag- I would go for a differently style as the speedy is not at all structured.
    If you want a handheld bag that is structured how about the new hampstead pm (I am soooo in love with this new style), it is soft but has a bottom that helds its shape. Or the duomo-wonderful bag, very stylish but in my opinion not as serious looking as the alma. Both (the hampstead and the duomo) come in damier which is not copied that much.
    The alma is coming in epi ( not copied a lot) and monogram (not sure if it is available in damier) and is a good and very classic handheld bag. Or the Manhattan, a monogram bag that I would consider a new classic, coming in two sizes
    For a shoulder bag, try the mandara (epi) or maybe even the luco (monogram) or in damier the Hampstead mm or the Saleya mm.
  9. Yeap, I sure do :yes:

    Will go and have a look.... But meanwhile, could someone recommend me a nice, reasonably priced LV bag that holds its shape well? Im new to LV and VERY EXCITED about getting a LV bag :yes: :yes: :yes:

    I really like Azur colour... Does anyone know any other bags similar in size to Speedy 30 and in Azur pattern?

    Thanks :yes:
  10. I have the black MC Speedy 30 & have cut a piece of thin cardboard to put in the bottom & have no problem with having it there. I love the bag!
  11. here is the picture, it won't sag much.
  12. if you dont want too much sags with your speedy...maybe you wanna get the speedy 25? its less sags compare to the 30 ;)
  13. I agree, the 25 might be a better choice. I put a piece of white laminated cardboard in the bottom of my 25 and never have any problems. I just leave the cardboard there all the time.
  14. I think the Saleya PM is comparable to Speedy 30. They come in regular Damier and Azur. You may want to take a look.
  15. I have a mono speedy, and yes, it does sag. The sag does not bother me. I think it would make a perfect "first" bag.