Ladies I need your opinion about what to wear with this bag...

  1. Okay ... some of you ladies may have read one of my earlier threads on a new bag I got (Classic flap - dark silver grey). It's been two weeks since I got this bag and I still haven't had the chance to use it. And as time passes it still doesn't seem like I will ever have an occasion to use it. I know alot of you ladies stated that this is an evening bag. But I was wondering if it would look weird if I was to wear flip flops/shorts and t-shirt. Of course color coordinating as well and since this is a silver grey bag I would probably wear white/grey or black. So ladies ... would this be a big injustice to the bag? Or will it be okay?
  2. this bag is gorgeous. I would wear it with jeans and a tank top, or a cute summer dress. I think it will looks awesome dressed up or down. I feel chanel looks great with whatever you wear.
  3. Congrats! It is gorgeous. I can imagine wearing this flap with a casual white linen dress.:heart: Actually I saw a shopper modeling that bag. She looked great with it, sassy, and she was dress in jean and tee. Have fun with it.
  4. I totally agree. I bet the bag would looks so sharp with some faded jeans and a white tank top. Or even dressed up.
  5. ^ agree also. i would personall wear it with white tank (with maybe a black tank underneath), some nice jeans (faded or not), some ballet flats (or some simple but nice black flip-flops), tie my hair in a pony tail and wear some nice dangly (but simple) silver earrings. put on some glasses and we're set!

    i think this can be easily worn for day time casual or evening dress to semi-dressy.
  6. ^^I agree -- wear it with anything! If you are too limited in how you can wear it, I wouldn't keep it unless you have tons of bags.
  7. i'd wear it with some nice black knee length capris, my black havianas, and a plain black or white tank.
  8. Thanks everyone ---- I'm going to use it today thanks to all your great tips!:tup:
  9. all classic chanel bags, regardless of color, can be worn with any look - casual, business, party, hanging out, (like a diamond ring can) LOL

    it sounds gorgeous......
  10. i think it's a very versatile bag.
    i think it looks very cute with simple white summery linen dress and flip flops. or even more colourful mini dress. also with jeans and rockin' t shirt.
  11. I live in Hawaii and it's a lot more casual here, so not many people could get away with wearing a bag that fancy when wearing casual clothes like jeans and a t-shirt.

    In the "mainland" though, I think it's fine. I've seen lots of pictures of people that are dressed in normal-ish clothes that look great with that style of bag.

    It's such a beautiful color it really goes with nearly everything.
  12. I agree with the experts above, but also have to add that silver/grey looks good with other colors too, like red, navy, and pink! It is a really great looking bag - take it out for a spin and I bet you start using it more and more! Congrats!
  13. I too have the same bag and didn't wear it yet, I was thinking of also wearing it with jeans and nice pair of heels with a black top. :yes:
  14. Poo - did you wear your bag?? Dare I ask for modeling pics? Tee hee! :woohoo:
  15. Sorry I didn't take pics that day. But I did received a few compliments!:wlae: You ladies were right, this bag looks great dressed down or up! AWESOME!