Ladies I need your help...

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  1. I took a mental health day and DH stayed home too for moral support. We went to the local mall for lunch and he stopped to look at some coats. I occupied myself by looking at some purses. One in particular caught my eye. He saw me admiring it and proclaimed, "We'll take it!" I was like waaaaaait but before I knew it it was paid for and in the bag.

    Here's the thing.... I really want a Chanel woc and the prices (preloved) are comparable. On the other hand, it was so sweet of DH to just up and buy me a bag on my mental health day. So what do you think, return for a preloved Chanel woc (I'm lusting after a red patent one) or keep? It's comparable, very thoughtful, cute but a total impulse purchase. But I kind of like it. Help!!!

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    The leather is super thick and chewy. I do love pink. I'm not sure about Burberry as a brand for bags, never had one and have not heard good reviews about it. But it's pretty darling. What say you? Keep or exchange for a red patent woc? DH says he won't mind if I traded it in. Not sure what to do....
  6. This bag is very different from a WOC, there's really no comparison. You have to listen to what your heart tells you. Everyone has different tastes, including people who aren't into Chanel. He bought it because you liked it, no?
  7. I find that I always regret impulse buys, which it sort of sounds like this bag was. :sad: I would return it and find a pre-loved WOC if that's what you really want. So nice of your DH though!!
  8. oh what a lovely bag. though not comparable to the woc, it is from ur sweet husband. keep it and have fun discovering how it would work in your wardrobe. it would always remind u of that special day when both of u were impulsive and spontaneous :smile: good luck deciding and congrats!
  9. Thank you for your responses Schmoo, Anasa and Bag Heaven.

    Yes, I keep going back and forth. One minute I am convinced I will return it because I am such a careful bag researcher and think long and hard for months (even years) before making an expensive purchase and diligently look for sales/preloved opportunities. I just don't know if this bag will stand the test of time.

    On the other hand, it is very cute and my name IS ForeverInPink lol (even tho most of my bags are BLACK!) DH just seemed SO happy and proud to buy it for me. It breaks my heart to think of taking that away from him :smooch:
  10. What a lovely little bag! I'd take it over WOC any day - why be serious when you can be pink and floral? :smile:
  11. Keep it...perfect for the spring/summer and unique!
    Never detract from a wonderful DH buying something special for his wife.
    Save up for the WOC!
  12. Keep. This purse will be a happy reminder of your husband's love, support and thoughtful ways. You could always get your WOC another day. This purse looks like the little pick me up that you need. *hugs* whatever you are going through, I hope it gets better and that you feel better, too.
  13. I agree. I would keep it as it is a gift from your husband and such a lovely bag too!
  14. It sounds like you are settling and you want to love it because of what it represents. I would hold out for the chanel.
  15. Keep it!! Get the WOC at a later date.
    It is not worth hurting his feelings over. I think the bag is adorable and the fact that he bought it for you makes it priceless.