Ladies I need your help

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  1. The tPFer tadpolenyc owns one of these cases in black; I believe she uses it as a cosmetic case. It's darling! It's from the paradise line, so it has cute little studs and very soft leather.
  2. Thanks blackonmaroon, its so adorable and a great price too.
  3. it's so pretty! please post pics if you get one! :yes:
  4. Is it only avaliable in Beige and Black?
  5. So far, we've only seen it in those two colors.
  6. I like it!!
  7. I like it too!
  8. Tadpolenyc is going to post a pic of hers so we can see.

  9. nap has it in orange from resort.


    shoptwigs carries the black and taupe. while mytheresa has the beige.


    i took a few pictures of mine. i'm recharging my camera right now. i'll post pics in a few.
  10. Thanks Tadpoleny.
  11. Ah, thanks for the correction, tad!
  12. As anyone seen this color taupe IRL?
    Is it as dark as the pic?

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  13. I think it's a little darker IRL, momofgirls.
  14. Great, thats what I was hoping.