Ladies, I need your help!!!


For Love of Hermes
May 17, 2009
To start, I live in a state that does not have a Hermes store, so in search of my dream birkin, I have been calling the stores around the country. What I have found is that the sales associates don't even want to talk to you. They just say "no" or "we don't have any available" and then click. I just find that it is so rude. I have never had problems with any of the other luxury brands like chanel and louis vuitton who go out of their way to help you locate a bag. Reading the posts in the forum, it just seems that you have to have a connection with a sales associate to get your foot in the door. But how can I when I live in another state. It is just so frustrating. Any advice..or should I just give up. I will be making a trip to Washington D.C. in October where there is a H store there, but am I just going to be greeted with the same rudeness? My sister says that they do profiling and they will pretend to take an order then scratch your name off. She is a stylist to the wealthy in the Houston area and she has been waitlisted for 3 years for a 35 cm black birkin!!!! She has given up because she sees her clients coming in with new Birkin bags all the time. She will ask her clients, and they tell her that they never had to wait longer than 3 months and often times the sales associates will bring out birkins from the back. Seems so unfair.:cursing::cursing::pout:


Feb 18, 2008
mssurgeonoo7, I think if you want to purchase directly from H, you will need to step into an H store to purchase. They will not ship to someone unknown, nor do they disclose inventory to you over the phone. It's just H policy which can be followed without being rude. Perhaps when you are in DC, definitely go to H and let them know what you are looking for. They will prefer a customer who is a customer of all things H, versus one who only wants a birkin. If you do not wish to use this route, take a look at the reputable resellers list...they can help get what you need without the hassle of going to an H store. Best of luck to you!