Ladies i need your help

  1. I'm desperately looking for a white fendi spy. I can't get a hold of one in canada. so do you know of any stores that has the spy instock? I'll order it over the phone and hopefully they can send it to me. If you've seen it in person is it gorgeous? i love my cognac spy and i want another one. If any of you see other colors that are great let me know too. thanks for doing the shopping for me :smile:
  2. according to amanda on the board she spotted one...

    Bloomingdales Atlanta Lenox:

    Fendi Spy Hobo - White
  3. bloomies in soho nyc has one too...
  4. fendi in short hills, new jersey has 3
  5. I was at the Fendi store in the Houston Galleria this weekend, they had the white one, copper and a white with blue stripes one.

    I loved the copper one, photos I've seen show green highlights off the copper and i thought it was just a photo effect, but dang they do that for real, very cool look.
  6. Wow Moe! Hope you find it. There definitely aren't any in my part of Canada.