Ladies, I need your help

  1. Ladies, I really need your help since there is no Coach store/outlet or
    department store near me.

    I’m 47 and 5’8”.

    I’m torn between the Soho Leather Hobo (10042), Signature Hobo (10073), or Chelsea Turnlock Hobo (the one on the right on page 50-51 of the online catalog). What I’m having difficulty with are the following: When they are on my shoulder, I do not like them to be right underneath my armpit or the end of the bag sticking out. I like a bag to come down to the middle of my waist or beginning of my hip. If it helps any, I have Patricia’s Legacy. I love where it comes to. From the measurements given of the above bags, I don't think any of the above will do that. I’m okay with the middle of waist or a little above. The next thing is, how much can they hold? I need enough space for a wallet, three checkbooks, cell phone and keys. I don’t like having to dig to find what I’m looking for. I’ve thought about getting a large hobo because it has a cell phone pocket, but I’m afraid it’ll be too big. With the small hobo, it does not have a cell phone pocket. The last thing is, I like a wide opening to make what I’m looking for somewhat easier.

    Do you have any suggestions?
  2. If the hobos are the same size as mine & I think they are...they are probably not big enough for all that you have listed above. I have trouble just putting in the hobo a wallet, check book, mini skinny, & maybe keys if I arrange them right. The openning isn't all that big..for that I would get a tote it hangs alittle bit lower than the hobos. I have 3 hobos & they are practically under my armpit.

    I'm not sure about the chelsea turnlock sure is cute! It looks to be a bit bigger & the turnlock is TDF!
  3. I love the Soho hobo. I'm still tossing in the air of getting one in Tobacco. My SA is trying to sway me. So that's my choice.
  4. I have the large leather hobo, and I love it! It's not a big bag, IMO, and it will hold all you need. It doesn't hang past my waste (I'm 5'4"), and it has a very wide opening since it's hobo style. I'm not sure the small hobo will hold all that you want to carry.
  5. Thank you for your comments.

    I have decided not to get any of them due to the strap not being long enough. I know, if I get one of them, I would be unhappy with it. Hopefully, they'll come out with one in a longer strap.