Ladies.. I need your help to report a fake Chanel seller


Jul 28, 2008
Ok .. here is my title story:

I bought these sunglasses (Chanel Haft Tin 5018) from eBay. Before I made the payment, I sent emails to confirm that these shades are 100% authentic, brand new, and have no scatches on it. Now, after 20 days of purchase, I authenticate these shades and find out that these are not authentic. Not mention that there were so many scatches on the shades when I first recieved them. But I decided to let it go as I did not know they were fake and I like them. So last night, I contacted the seller and made a Paypal dispute to get the money back at the same time. She refuses to issue me a refund and declines the dispute. She said these shades were a gift from her friend and she does not accept refunding items. She said the reason why I wanna refund is I am not happy with the scatches and these scatches were made by me. blah blah blah..

Now, I will try to fight with her until the end. However, I need you guys help.. How to give her the most troubles? I wanna do it big as this seller and her bf have been selling many fake Chanel and Balenciaga bags. In fact, I almost fall into her trap. She said she also has many balenciaga bags and one pair of Chanel 5076 for sale 200USD. The shades were not my style so I did buy it. Please give me some advice and thank you for your help.

P/S: I did make the payment through PAYPAL on 23th August, and she sent these shades by USPS. However, she has already cancelled her eBay account. Thanks again..