Ladies I Need Your Help/Suggestions!

  1. There is a possibility that I may be able to purchase one more Chanel bag this year, and then it will be a long time before I'd be able to purchase anything else. I'm leaning towards a jumbo flap of some kind but I need your help to choose one!

    My wardrobe is mostly casual, with jeans and hoodies or tshirts, and sneakers, things like that. I will be starting work in an office on Monday (yay!) so I will be starting to dress up more in heels and nice pants and shirts, etc.

    My current Chanel collection is: white jumbo classic flap w/silver hardware and old chain (with woven leather through it), black w/black patent CC's Cambon large tote, black w/white CC's cambon reporter, and then a Chanel scarf and the icon pearl earrings.

    I want to add another flap I think, and have it be the equivalent of the jumbo size, but I'm stuck on whether or not to get a reissue or a classic flap, and then what color bag. I thought about getting black, but black might be too formal for everyday, and I have so many black bags right now that I think a color of some kind might be nice, but I'd want it to go with a lot of things. Oh, and I'd probably want caviar leather (unless reissues don't come in that.)

    So what do you think ladies? Should I get another jumbo classic flap, or an equivalent size reissue? And should it be the new chain or old? What color should it be? I was thinking about red maybe (though I've heard that's just impossible to find anymore), or maybe some kind of metallic, but I just don't know. Any help and suggestions are greatly appreciated!
  2. i would go for the jumbo flap. i love it in all colors, especially white , red (both caviar) and patent black.

    i vote for jumbo flap! it's every girl's must have in their classics. ;)
  3. if you work in a rather formal/structured corporate environment, i'd suggest the jumbo flap in a color other than black since you already have 2 black chanels. so if you got, say, a jumbo beige caviar flap, you could expand your wardrobe greatly. but if you work in a more casual environment and would like to try out less structured bags, i'd suggest looking at the marais or modern chain lines as well. i probably would not go metallic quite just yet as you are starting to build your collection (nonmetallic reissue though would be really nice), but that's just MHO! good luck and have fun!
  4. I agree with ldldb- I think a beige jumbo flap would be great. Black is wonderful but I hear hesitation in your voice about it. Good luck- I'm going insane trying to decide which bags to purchase myself!! :biggrin:
  5. I think you need something beige or brown. Maybe PST or GST or cabas bag?
  6. me too:smile: