Ladies, I need your help: should I wait or should I settle

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  1. I was told that I could get 28 black box kelly Retourne with GHW. I have been waiting for 28 kelly black box Sellier. Considering black box is not easy to find nowadays, should I wait or should I settle? I need to make decision by tomorrow morning. Please help me with my decision. Thank you very much in advance!
  2. Well....hmmm. do you want something more slouchy or something more hard??? Do you have a lot of slouchy bags or rigid bags? Given my preference towards soft and slouchy I probably wouldn't wait, but that's me, I am an enabler since I can't get them for myself yet!!! :upsidedown:
  3. I was told that box was unavailable in larger sizes. I think that you'd probably find a 28 box sellier.
  4. hm, that's a difficult decision! i have to admit i had to envision what 28cm retourne in black box would look like. i don't think i've ever seen one with those exact specs. very unique! but, very different from sellier which is prim and proud and very dainty. retourne would be a little more casual chic. only you can say if it would work for you. sellier is very tailored and smart looking, and retourne is softer obviously providing a more casual look. either way, gorgeous bags!
  5. Thanks Candace. I like both slouchy and rigid. I have a 32 gold kelly Retourne. That's the reason I want to have a rigid Kelly. The one offered to me is exactly I have been looking for, just not sellier.
  6. Thanks Sus. So I probablly should wait.
  7. Thanks Haute Couturess. I think my heart still goes to Sellier.
  8. Never settle. Wait for what you want. It will turn up.
  9. I think your decision has been made!!! Both are lovely bags but you obviously want the rigide look and feel! And it would be a shame to settle when you know what you really want :smile: Just know that someone else will be looking for a retourne black box and will give her a good home :heart:
  10. I think since you already have the gold retourne and had originally wanted to balance it with the sellier wait for the sellier. I hate it when they confuse us with options.
  11. Wait for your choice!
  12. I would wait...
  13. ah, that's good. you know what you really want then. i wouldn't worry - black sellier box kelly bags come around a lot. you'll find one :yes:
  14. Sounds like you really want sellier! While box will never be slouchy per se, retourne has a different look (subtle, but there) than sellier. Although, I think you should go see it to be sure- if possible- and if not, then wait until the right one comes along.
  15. If it's sellier you really want then nothing else will ever do. It's really really hard to turn one down but I would wait. :flowers: