ladies i need your help! (hair color issue)

  1. i went blond about six months ago. i really like being a blonde. i feel more...i don't know, glamourous i guess. brunette makes me feel kind of blah...i think b/c i'm usually only brunette because i can't afford to be blonde. i've been having some serious breakage, dryness and matienance issues lately. i keep thinking "damn i really wish i could buy *insert thing here* with that 100 dollars..."

    i honestly don't mind spending the money if i really do look better with lighter hair. but i can't tell what looks better with my complexion. i'm so paranoid i have the "bad blonde" thing going know, brassy, not the right shade for a woman's complextion but she keeps it blond b/c she likes it, not because it suits her...

    i'm getting the hair color itch again. i don't mind doing something drastic. please be honest. it won't hurt my feelings and no one in my real life will help me. hubby just says "i like you however you like you" and my sister and friends like it both ways. also, red is not an option. it doesn't suit me, i've done that...won't be doing it again.

    thank you all do so much! and sorry in advance for the grainy pictures...
    me new hair 2.jpg me.jpg
  2. Blond!!!!! It looks hot on you!! And I love the style of your hair in the "blond" pic. Good luck with what you decide!
  3. Both look cute but I like the blond...more fashionable looking. But both are really cute.
  4. I like you as a blonde
  5. You look cute as both a blonde and a brunette. I like the blond more...
  6. You look great blonde IMO too!

    What process are you using to et there?
    What's your product maintenance like?

    I'm a bottle blonde and I really believe in having teh right products. I've been a 'blonde' for a LONG time now and have tried every product available!
  7. Blonde!!! Looks nice on you.:yes:
  8. i think blonde looks better on you.
  9. You look fabulous blond!!!
  10. You look great as a blonde!
  11. thanks ladies! looks like blonde it is. i needed some reassurance. thank you so much. :smile:

    right now i've been using matrix sleek.look shampoo and condish most often for about 3 or 4 months. i also had some paves shampoo and deep condish in the rotation sometimes. i think the matrix is contributing to the dryness. it has some pretty harsh cleansing agents in it. i think i'm going to switch soon, or at least add something more moisturizing into my rotation. breakage isn't worth it, even if it does make my hair more managable.

    i deep condition 1-2x a week with a heavy olive oil/shea butter based masque from italy and usually only wash my hair about 3x a week. i've used sebastian potion 9 as a leave in for years and years...i notice a difference (and not a good one!) if i switch to something else. :smile: i have lots of random smoothing/glossing/texturizing balms/creams/serums etc that i use when the mood strikes, which isn't very often anymore. my hair naturally falls into wide ringlets (think julia roberts) but the bleaching relaxs it somewhat. i end up letting my hair air dry in a pony tail most of the time. i sometimes straighten the front and top layers with a chi iron on the days i don't get it wet. most commonly my hair is up...which is also contributing to the breakage. i need to move my pony tail around more, not just have it be low. :smile: i can't remember the last time i used my blowdryer. it was at LEAST a year ago, probably more.

    i've been looking for a violet conditioner to help combat the brassiness (which i think is in my head anyway) but all the ones i've used before have been discontinued lately. blargh.

    any product suggestions? i'm a product junkie. it's worse than my fashion habit. :smile:
  12. If you are worried about the brassies, go in between colorings and have your stylist put a toner on your hair. This will keep the yellow down and make the highlights look more buttery.
  13. Calm down.You look GREAT as a blonde.Very natural looking.Your hair does not look damaged at all.I have always had highlights and would not dream of stopping.If God didn't want me to be blonde,he wouldn't have created bleach!
  14. If you are worried about breakage and the condition of your hair, I HIGHLY recommend using Terax Crema everyday on your hair as a conditioner. I have used it for the past 2 years, after I had a HORRIBLE color job done to my hair, in which my hair turned orange! I have used it every single day since and i now have beautiful, shiny, healthy, long hair!
  15. It's like night and day :amazed: look fabulous as a blonde! I can't believe none of your family members has told you?!...not that you looked awful as a brunette but the blonde on you just makes you look stunning. I'm wondering about the damage to your hair though, there should be very slight damage but not you only do ROOT touch ups? Also make sure you condition your hair on the ENDS ONLY everytime you shampoo, unless you have a dry scalp and definitely use the PROFESSIONAL FOR COLORTREATED HAIR shampoo/conditioner products sold at salons/beauty stores. The quality in supermarket brands are really bad (same ingredients but bad quality) you'd be lucky to find one that works well on colortreated hair. I hope you can stay blonde!...some help from a semi-retired hairdresser.