Ladies, I need your help deciding on my Xmas scarf

  1. I've been driving my children nuts by not telling them what I want for Xmas. Of course, for years they waited until the last minute which invariably involved a $40 shipping fee! I couldn't decide whether I wanted a cashmere turtleneck sweater from Lands End to replace the one they gave me last year that got a moth hole right in the front (the ONLY one that did, out of 15 sweaters!), or a gift certificate to Hermes to use toward a purchase in the future. My son can afford to spend quite a bit, but this has not been a good year for my daughter and do not want her spending more than $75-80 for her share of the present.

    So today, she chewed me out for my lack of decisiveness. I explained my dilemma and to my surprise, said she and her brother were willing to get me a scarf if I'd just tell them which one! I hope he is putting in the greater amount of money - she should not be doing this.

    So, a new scarf it is. I've been trying to decide between 4 different scarfs, none of which I have seen in person (nor will I be able to do so). Here are the contenders. Has anyone seen any of these IRL? Is the first yellow or chartreuse? I wear my scarves with a pair of pants (either khaki, grey flannel or black) and a cashmere turtleneck sweater. I have those in black, dark brown, oatmeal, red, lime green, heather blue, azure blue, lilac, plum, burgundy, and winter white. My present scarf collection is in the attached photo I took when I got my new Kelly.

    Any thoughts?
    001744S17_t copy.jpg 002373S08_t copy.jpg 002379S09_t copy.jpg 002467SC02.jpg Collection copy.jpg
  2. Hey India!!

    Congratulations on looking forward to a great present from your lovely children -- having seen you briefly in person, I would recommend either option #2 or #4. I am not familiar with all of the scarfs.
    I do own the K.O. in that brown colorway, I love it and have found it to be so versatile. I am worried that #3 would wash you out a little and that #1 is just a little harsh. However as I said I am really not a scarf expert, and hopefully others will offer their opinions. I know you will love whichever one you receive --- but don't you just hate moth holes -- they are the bane of my existence!
  3. Thank you, MrsMorris! Yes, I was worried about #1 - probably a better color for a really dark brunette, and #3 is a bit washed out (but so pretty). I keep coming back to #2 - it really has some gorgeous colors in it.
  4. Since I don't know your hair & skin color it is difficult to say but just looking
    @ your options I love #1! your H collection and you have very loving & generous children! What a true blessing! Post pics when you decide!
  5. Oh India ~ What A Lovely Gift!!! I Love #1!!!!!!
  6. What lovely children you have! I vote for #2 - it's more "neutral" than those you already have, but still has a pop of luscious color!
  7. I love the third one -- but I haven't seen it in real life.
  8. i vote for scarf no.2. also to add, you've such lovely and thoughtful children:yes:....
  9. Number 2 is fab irl - as are your children! It's creamy with a slight yellow undertone like the color parchemin in leather. The other colors are purple and fuschia - it goes great with hermes gold colored bags [or anything in that tan color]. Of those 4, #2 is the one I got. But they are all beautiful choices. Enjoy your gift. Keep us posted!
  10. The ones that jumped out to me first were # 2 and 4, I would probably ask for #2 for myself...which doesn't help you, but it's so lovely and would look great anytime of year. Whereas for me I tend to only like certain browns in the fall/winter and more of a tan in the spring/summer.

    However, on #4 I see Simon Bolivar's name on the one corner and we studied him several times in some of my philosophy classes, that's pretty neat!

    Overall I like #2 the most, it's neutral yet has a bit of color to play up wearing a black, brown, or any darker sweater. You can probably wear it with literally anything!
  11. This gets my vote.

  12. ^^ ITA. This is a pretty carre, this was the only colorway they didnt have at my store, but I love how it is loaded with neutrals, and then pop pop pop!!!
  13. I have to agree with MrsMorris, #2 or #4. I see from your existing scarves that you have red, blue, and black, so I think you need something with brown. I'm more partial to #2...
  14. All are lovely but here's another vote for #2! I like #1 but it could be tricky with certain skintones.
  15. Oh, I wish I've met you India. It's a lot easier to choose something for someone I have met. My votes goes to #2.

    BTW, kudos to your sweet children for getting your something so special