Ladies,I need your help!!! Ananas!

  1. Hi lovely ladies! I am going to need your help on this one! :yes: I have the opportunity to purchase the Ananas Furoshiki handbag in Sepia... Now, I have never seen Ananas handbags before so I have no idea what the leather is like, or how it looks like when it's worn.

    So I would like to know... do any of you have this bag? How do you like it? Also, if you own or have seen the Sepia colour, what is it like? From the pictures I have, it looks like a mustardy brown/light caramel, but I've seen other pictures and it's much darker...

    If you have one please post pictures... :nuts: I would really appreciate!!! Thanks :love: It would be a big purchase for me and I really need to think about it (I'm really broke.... :push: why do the best opportunities always arise when one is broke? :rolleyes:) ... so any help would truly be appreciated!! :shame:
  2. I have the same exact purse in Red. I really like it. If you're used to a larger bag, like I am, expect to pare down as it doesn't hold that much. It's very well made and I love the shell details. I've only worn it a couple times since it's not that functional as an everyday bag (I need to carry a lot of junk!) but the leather is nice and I've received quite a few compliments.
  3. [​IMG][​IMG]
    Here are two that I found of this handbag. :yes:
  4. This is the bag I have. I love the wooden hardware. So pretty!