Ladies! I need your assistance!!

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  1. i bought a Tillie in sparkle tweed in the sale, unfortunately there was a major fault and I had to send it in for repair... i got an email today saying they cannot repair it and are giving me £825 to spend.... I AM SEQUALING WITH EXCITEMENT! mainly because i only paid £425 odd and im getting almost double that to spend!

    so what bag should I replace my beloved Tillie (RIP) with?! i hate being given choices so will appreciate your views and experiences with all things mulberry! I would like this to be a good bag for work - my main bag is my LV neverfull which i use on a casual basis, i.e when i go out shopping and i just want to dump things in there! this would be great as a career bag - I just started my new job, well a month ago anyway, and I'm about to finish my masters and basically start being a grown up lol! (if that is ever possible!)

    many thanks everyone :smile:
  2. Oh what a lovely (sorry for Tillie disappointment though) dilemma!

    I would recommend Bayswater for what you are saying as 'career bag' - it's roomy, great with smart suits on weekdays to jeans on w/e, hard wearing (well depends on exact leather type obviously but as long as you care them correctly not much babying required). On shoulder or on arm.
  3. Sound advice RR - Bays is definitely a good choice for both work & casual. Whilst no doubt Tillie was a disappointment, to get £400 extra is brilliant!!
  4. and obviously i meant squealing with excitement and not the terrible spelling version in my first post lol! i do love the bays a lot, i wonder though at being 23, if that would suit me - but i guess it would make a fabulous investment!
  5. also, what are peoples opinion on the regular alexa - i think it will be bays vs alexa
  6. lucky girl!! The classic Bay is nice but I'd go for the tote version. Stylish but a bit more younger I'd say! I love it, think it's gorgeous!! Good luck
  7. I would go for bays too! The lovely eggplant colour will be out soon, i'm keeping an eye out for when that hits the web!
  8. What a fabulous dilemma, Jenny! Given your age, I'd definitely go for an Alexa. Enjoy!
  9. I, like many others on here, have both bays and alexa. I love my bays more but find the strap on alexa makes it easier to use. I'd vote for bays though because you can fit more in it and usually have less problems.
  10. Nice dilemma! A Bays is a great " work" bag, a great classic. Alexa is more fun but alot less sturdy:smile:
  11. Indiana- love the avatar. Now there's a noble beast!
  12. oooh thats very exciting. Oversize Alexa would be gorgeous for work :yes:
  13. You are so lucky!! I had to send mine back which I also bought in the sale, but they only gave me back the price I paid and said that was as a 'good will gesture'..... (i only had the bag for a week and used it twice....)

    I love the bays but really wanted to swap my Tillie for the cabbage green Alexa. However, I love the Polly too which I think is smart and classic :smile:
  14. I agree with the suggestion for the Bays - but if you're looking for something a bit younger perhaps in a more unique leather/colour? There is more versatility in a slightly bigger bag, unless you were thinking of the larger size Alexa then that might be a whole different story.
  15. oh wow you lucky thing!
    geta alexa or bays :smile: