Ladies, i need some thearpy...To sell or not to sell??

  1. :crybaby: nooo~ i can't believe this happen to me! i put one of the my Chanel on eBay to help out w/school expenses, had some deeep thoughts before i decide to part w/it. I set the BIN high b/c that's what i think it's worth, so clearly it's not the best deal on eBay, didn't receive any Qs in the beginning of posting, but now there's 3 pp express their love for my bag, request additional pix and infos. I did some background check of the potential buyers and they all have been a long time Ebayer w/regular purchase history of big ticket items. Everything sounds just as I hope for right? But each time i take additional pictures of it, the stupid bag is growing back on me!!! :shrugs: :hysteric: ARRGGHHH!

    Heart: can NEVER be found again, not to mention the price hike! Such adorable color combo......can last a l o n g time!

    Reality: never had such roaring high cc balance-stashed 4 Chanel bag 3 Chanel Earring, 3 LV bags all w/n Jan., not to mention school tuition, book and other expenses. Can't carry Chanel when BF is around-he feel embrassed b/c he can't afford it for me, and told him all my LVs are 'pre loved from eBay' when most aren't.

    If i keep it, it will take me several months to clear out the cc balance, but it's so not me, i used to never carry balance, and it's not the best way to start the year this early w/cc balance so high, KWIM? Either way i go, i am screwed......what should i do!? Nope, switch BF is not an option here!
  2. You should sell the's not worth carrying a cc balance for it, you know? a perfect chanel bag will come along again...and plus, you have your 3 other chanels and 3 other LV's to keep you company. =) Chanel always comes with new designs, so I'm sure you'll find something you like in the future when finances are not as tight.
  3. gingerfarm: but this color is discontinued, i doubt Chanel will make that color again....

    can you make special order for Chanel like LV?
  4. which kind of bag is this anyways? bags have been re-released many times. Dont risk financial security over a handbag.
  5. I agree with the ladies here. A bag's not worth risking your finances over. Chanel comes out with great bags every season.

    What about your other bags? If you're having second thoughts about selling this one, maybe you have something else you can sell?
  6. what bag are you selling anyway? do you have a bag that is least loved and least used?
  7. Classic Chic: why don't you sell one of your other bags that not a discountinued line? Perhaps there one of your LV bags that you can easily repurchase when you have extra money again, that way it won't be so hard to part with. Let us know what you decide!
  8. No matter what, sell SOMETHING. If you're in love with this one, sell another Chanel. Maybe even return a new one.
  9. Sorry about your finances... that's gotta be tough.

    I say sell one or two of your other bags. It sounds like you have a lot, and it also sounds like this one is one of your favorites. Do you have any of the more "common" bags that you could sell?

    Good luck!
  10. If you are starting to love this bag, sell some other Chanel or LV's that you have, that are a part of the permanent range to get rid of the CC debt.

    Good luck!
  11. Sell your most common bag or bags. Especially the common LVs -- you can always get them again.
  12. You need to part with what you love the least...If those are the cheaper bags and don't equate to enough money, then maybe you'll need to sell that one. I know it's hard, but it's way better than keeping that debt on your card because of purses.
  13. I know from experience that finding the perfect bag can be rough. I bought my first chanel about 6/7 yrs ago. I kept her for a few years and then sold her on ebay. I haven't found one that perfect since. So I'm saying think about it and make sure it's the right decision, before you end up regretting it for a long time, like me.
  14. Just that one paragraph alone would be a reality check for me. You are being very dishonest with your BF too.
  15. I've had that happen to me... so I took the auction down.

    The thing is, you have to sell something... it's either the bag you have listed now, or another one you can bare to part with. :sad: