ladies i need some help! help me find my inner holiday spirit!

  1. it's been a very hard hard year for me. as some of you know, i lost my brother and closest friend last february. among many many other things, he was my partner in holiday malcontent. he's the only person i've ever met as cynical about this time of year as i am. most people are too cheery to be sardonic....but the snide comments were our own way of enjoying the season. does that make sense?

    anyway. he's not here. and since everything else is changing i figured i am going to change too.....throw myself so into the season that i can't worry about much else. (don't worry, my therapist will put me in line if she thinks i'm being unhealthy about blocking things).

    except i'm not doing so well. i tried to go into the holiday section of our town's equivilant of target and almost had an anxiety attack....more like a flutter. :smile: and here's where you come in.....what are some of your favorite things about the season and why? if you can, try and sell me on it. i need to see it in a new light. oh and the less out about in crowds of strangers it entails, the better.

  2. disclaimer: i know it's a little early in the season to worry about this. however since christmas now starts practically the day after labor day plus the fact that i'm going to have to take smaller steps than i originally anticipated.....well. can't start too soon i suppose. resistance is futile.....:borg:
  3. First of all, sorry for your loss <<hugs>>

    Secondly, have you considered volunteering? It will keep you busy, you will meet new people and definitely feel good about yourself.
  4. :yes: I agree with volunteering- I help with this fundraising giftwrap for the ARC at the mall, and it always makes me feel really good doing it. Also you're at the mall- but in a nice roped off section where no one can get too close to you.

    Another of my favorite things about the holidays is the music- my brother sings with a few vocal ensembles that are very good- and since they are all serious singers the concert is generally very good- songs like Carol of the Bells instead of stuff like Santa Claus is coming to town. For some reason the jingle bells, 12 days of christmas playlist only works for me at home... I don't like to go out to hear them. Don't know why.
  5. volunteering is great idea! you'd think i'd have thought of that first. :noggin:
  6. I am so sorry for your losses this year. :flowers:

    I also agree with volunteering. Is there an elderly or nursing home near you? So many residents are alone during the holidays, and just want someone to sit near them and talk with them, and sing a Christmas carol or two.
  7. Throw yourself into making other's happy for the holidays, and I think it will spread to you. During Christmas, as juvenile as it seems, I will make creative holiday cards by hand (abstract, paper creations!), bake gifts, offer to bring dishes to holiday parties and "test" them out weeks before and nibble on them (pick super-yummy stuff!), I take candy canes to my classes at university and pass them out (and I'm sure people think I'm nuts, lol), I take long walks on crisp, cold days and just admire the season and the weather, I sew homemade/self-designed "bunnies" for my little cousins with interesting fabric and button eyes, I stroll through Christmas stores and ogle beautiful ornaments. Heck I ditch class one time per holiday season to eat Christmas candy, do my rounds of holiday stores, wander Christmas tree lots, and sit in bookstores, reading, if they are playing holiday music. People watching at the mall is fun too, with all of the elaborate decor and people buying gifts! I have Bing Crosby Christmas music in my car at all times. Some days, on the coldest ones, I'll rent a holiday movie, light tons of candles in the house, make a warm, hearty soup, and curl up on my sofa with my Chihuahuas :biggrin: Once we get our giant family tree up in the living room at my parent's house, I'll make special trips down just to sit there in front of it, and read at night. Always have peppermint stick candy in my purse this time of the year!!!

    Honestly, I just like the combination of cool temps, bright lights, pretty ornaments, tasty food, and the fact that people are often just nicer during the holidays (and those that aren't, I just brush them off). My Dad and I start out the holiday by checking out of town for a few days at the beginning of December and heading up to the NC mountains to select the biggest tree we can find, do a bit of shopping, and relax at my Uncle's cabin (they live in the middle of nowhere, nothing will connect you to nature and the holiday season quite like a day or two in that place), and listen to Christmas music the entire time.

    Words of wisdom: if people watching, pick nice areas with unique stores, and avoid the commercialized places- places like Garden Ridge (where you watch people pick out ornaments based on color and tree scheme to adorn their fake tree rather than collecting unique pieces that have meaning) and Walmart (pushy, shovey, greedy) and such just depress me. Avoid angry/bitter attitudes during the holidays, just walk away, less your spirit just be dragged down by ba-hum-bugs. Eat seasonal foods! That always helps too :smile:
  8. neeya -- i pm'd you. thank you SO much. :flowers: