Ladies, I need some help deciding...POLL

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What color of Vif Argent would be most suitable against festive colors?

  1. Black

  2. Blue

  3. Red

  4. Pink

  5. Other (please post what the color is)

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Sooo...I decided to buy a Vif Argent pochette. Winter is coming, and it needs to be something that looks good against festive colors - red, green, etc. Of the colorways below, what do you ladies think would be the most appealing?






    And if there is any other colorway you think would look good, please vote "Other" and mention the color.

    Thank you!!:heart:
  2. I think the black, it's lovely and you can wear it with so many things. It'll look stunning against red and green both! I'm getting a VIF Argent too, and I'm torn between colors. :yes: Good luck, can't wait to see what you choose!
  3. Well luv I would ask what colors you plan on wearing the most of...I mean obviously black makes red look great, green look great, and any bright color by itself look amazing.
  4. i think black or blue. i think black is a great color scarf to have and the blue is just lovely!
  5. I could be wrong, merika but I think there's a purple one and I did think that if I were to get it, it would be purple.
  6. ^^I've seen that, MrsS.
  7. mrssparkles- i could be wrong but i think purple is only in the large carre not the pochette. i ADORE the purple and it would be my choice too but i'm not sure it would go with red and green....
  8. I'm with you, mrss, purple would be lovely.
  9. Oh, that's right! I think the purple only came in the full-size scarf. Anyway, I definitely like the black :smile:
  10. I have the black one, I'll take some pics of it against green and red and email them over to you.
    Personally, with red and greens, I would choose this one:

  11. M, there is also a black and gold version (not on the website) which may work.
  12. Is this brown with light blue? (It looks silver on my monitor)
  13. ^^^ The one I saw at the store was brown with silver... I am fairly sure the online one is silver too, but call just to make sure.
  14. I´m just loving the blue!
  15. I second Rose's choice: 1. brown - makes very stylish combination with green and red, plays down some crazy colors, too.
    2. black