Ladies i need help

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Which Bag To get



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  1. I am a very confused girl..when i first saw the Parker Satchel in Pink Pearl I was in love...but now i am very BF and my sisters are all telling me the bag is very plain and looks like a grandmother bag..on the other hand I am falling in love with the Plum Patent Sabrina in small...but i dont want to get another sabrina because i already have 3 sabrina bags and i want more diversity in my bag please help me out girls...tell me which one to get...
  2. I think that the pink pearl is a gorgeous color and the satchel doesn't look like a grandma bag. You shouldn't let what others think influence what you like and buy, even though it can be difficult some times.
    I'd say go with the parker if you don't want to get another Sabrina.
  3. I vote for the sabrina. I sort of agree with the parker satchel comments. I do sort of think its a little plain. I love the plum sabrina!!
  4. Well, I won't lie... the Parker Satchel isn't my favorite bag. But then again, I haven't seen her IRL. Sabrina, on the other hand, IS one of my favorite bags. Especially in patent... are you kidding me? GORGEOUS! But I do understand you wanting to get a different styles since you already have 3 of them. I do love the pink pearl, maybe you could get another style in that color?
  5. i voted for sabrina. sabrina in any color is one of my favorite bags and the plum looks like a great color! ( have not seen it in person) .
  6. I say go Parker! IMO it's unique and I love the color, plus I'm crazy about kisslocks. Best of luck in your decision!
  7. PARKER SATCHEL IN PINK PEARL is just beautiful and a lovely addition to a colloction.
  8. thank u ladies for your opinion..this is really a very hard decision..when i buy my bag i will deff. let u guyz know which one i get...keep the opinion coming
  9. ITA! And if you really don't find yourself loving the satchel because of their comments, how about he Parker Hippie in pink pearl?
  10. jeh3v, i dont like the parker hippie for some reason..its just not me..i love the satchel...i really dont know which one to get at this point
  11. My choice would be the sabrina. I think its a classic shape. The color is beautiful. I kind of do think the Parker satchel is very plain and boring. It doesnt appeal to me at all.
  12. I like the parker. I am not a sabrina fan though. She's pretty to look at, but awkward to hold I thought.
  13. I think the parker satchel is lovely! And if it's too plain, I think it would be easy to add scarves and charms to "bling" it up.
    BTW, the leather is luscious on the parker. I got my mom the parker shoulder bag in pink pearl, and it is sooo soft. Very different from the Sabrina.
  14. I am going to have to go with the sabrina, I just love the patent sabrinas and their chain straps! The parker is very nice though, and if you want to diversify your collection a bit then definitely get that.
  15. I like the pink pearl, don't get me wrong. But I voted for the Sabrina because plum is so gorgeous and the pink pearl (if it were me) I'd be worried about keeping her nice and lovely.