Ladies,, i need help! :)

  1. HI there :smile: So i dont know if you all remember the trauma i was going through to get the sig stripe punch tote,!!!! :smile: I opened a Macy's card just to get it, was SO excited when i found it and i love it BUT,,,,,

    i never use it :sad:

    Its kinda small for me and its good for my notebook but then it sticks out of the top and i cant put it over my shoulder,,,so i ALWAYS wind up putting it back in the closet and not using it!!!

    This is making me feel like i should sell it so i can fund other things but its SO cute and i love pink so much i feel like i would be betraying all that is PInk and fabulous!!!! :smile:

    Please help me do i Keep it? do i sell it? what would YOU do in this situation!

    thanks so much! :confused1: so confused!
    xo Bessie
  2. that was my main reason for not getting one, just too small. if they made the large version I would so be there!

    if it still has tags and receipt, take it back to Macy's.

    If not, sell it on eBay, they are selling on eBay for full retail or even a bit more.

    If you don't love it, get your money back one way or another and get something you love
  3. I agree 100% with Court. Sometimes we lust for a bag until we take it home and see it just doesn't suit our needs. If you return or sell this bag, another Pink and Fabulous will come along someday. :yes:
  4. If you love the color and the bag, then can't you just keep it for a handbag and not use it for a tote to carry books in? I would just use it as a purse.
  5. I completely agree with what court said - if you're not using it, return or sell it and get something else you'll get more use out of. Coach will eventually come up with something you find cute enough to replace it!
  6. yeah.. even if the tag is not attached i beleive u can return it.. or sell it on eBay... they re selling more than what the retail is over there!
  7. I agree, sell it and get something you love. They're selling for over retail on E-Bay and you should have no trouble at all!
  8. I love that pink color as well but if you are not using it buy something you will use and love.
  9. Agree with everyone else, I just exchanged a bag yesterday because it was sitting in the dustbag.
  10. I would give this a try and return it or sell it if you still don't feel the love after.
  11. agree.. return it to macy's if unused or sell it if you've used it already..

    there must be another bag you LOVE :smile:
  12. I agree with everyone. I feel your pain because it is a pretty bag but I would do as others have suggested and sell it on ebay with or without tags. You'll make enough to pick out something new and fabulous. Maybe (if you can find one) you could get a punch stripe wristlet or mini shinny instead? That way you'd be able to enjoy it's beauty on a regular basis.
    Hope this helps:biggrin:
  13. I had the exact same problem. I bought the punch tote and wristlet. When I got them, I tried it on and it was cute, but way too small for my taste. If they'd made the darned thing in the large tote like they did with the other colors then I would have been all over it, but unfortunately they didn't. So as hard as it was, I returned the tote and wristlet (I don't use wristlets at all really) because they would have just been a waste of money. To satisfy my punch craving at least a little bit, I ended up with the cosmetics case and the miniskinny. At least that way I still had something because I thought it was so gorgeous.
  14. I say sell it and get your punch fix on an wristlet or wallet you can use with a bag that you will not only love but use, Life is too short for a coach to stay in the closet! lol
  15. Yeah, get something you can use!