ladies, I need help.....i gave my beloved b-bag to a fraud

  1. sadly, i was fooled

    i sold a b-bag on eBay
    the buyer paid by paypal and the balance showed up in my paypal account
    so i thought everything is ok (this is my first item sold on eBay as you may have figured that out) and i sent the bag
    later paypal informed me they needed to investigate this case
    i waited for them to complete their investigation and there two weeks later they released the transaction
    so, i thought yesss money's here ! - because the balance actually showed again. so i withdrew to try send it back to my account in my country
    this action was not complete because they found the payment was funded by potentially fraudulent source!
    I called them and here is what i got:
    I am sorry
    We are not a police station
    there is nothing we can do to help you
    please contact your buyer to resend the payment - (ya, she used a fradulent credit card to pay me, likely that she is going to pay??)
    - these are exact words i quoted here

    and now, i only not did not receive my payment of $1,399 but end up with a negative balance of $65

    now i am absolutely furious
    ladies, mad and crying and do not know what to do or how i should feel
  2. oh my goodness! My heart goes out to you. I'm so sorry to hear this. How could anyone be so mean?:mad::mad::rant::censor:
  3. Im sure paypal is more professional than that.. Try emailing them.. Good Luck!
  4. omg! so sorry to hear this happened to you. i am not a pro at selling or buying stuff on eBay so i cant give you much advice. i hope someone here can suggest something to help you. this is one of the reasons why i dont like to sell or buy anything from ebay because of something like this happening to me. good luck and i hope you square things out.
  5. Oh dear! This is terrible! Can you try calling the police and reporting this? And definitely contact ebay with the buyer's details and keep hounding them till they do something! I'm so sorry about what happened but try and stay positive and something will work out!
  6. I know I read a similar case here from a PF'er who sold her Bbags on Ebay. Here it is.

    I am sorry it happened to you. I hope things work out in your favour soon.
  7. If the buyer had a confirmed address and you still have proof of posting then ebay should cover you under their paypal protection.

    Start complaining, writing letters, emailing etc, and don't stop. I did regarding a cc chargeback and paypal refunded me in the end.
  8. im so sorry that happened to you! just harass them until they pay!
  9. Oh my goodness. I would seriously just call the police on that person. Jeesh!! Hope it all works out for you. Maybe you should put this in the ebay thread too they might be able to give you more advice *snugs*
  10. Oh, this is terrible! I am so sorry. PayPal and eBay are so messed up.
    And yes. definitely post on the eBay thread and maybe someone there will know what to do. Best of luck getting this resolved.
  11. I'm so sorry this happened to you. It happened to me - I lost $1600 and a gorgeous Cafe Work. :s I sent the bag to Hong Kong to an unconfirmed buyer so that's it. I will never see the bag or the money again, PayPal will not protect me in this case. Now I only sell to Confirmed buyers in the US with Confirmed addresses - it's the only way we're protected. Good Luck!!!
  12. OMG! I'm so sorry this happened to you. If you have all your receipts, I would contact the Police in that area and also the Postal Inspector. It would also help if you had the address you shipped it to. eBay and Paypal are so messed up right now and this is one of the reasons why I am no longer a member with either of them. I hope everything works out and keep us posted as to what the outcome is. *hugs*:hugs:
  13. this is why i don't do ebay anymore... some people are so messed up! aren't they worried about karma?

    did you send to a confirmed address? i would seriously just call the police.
  14. this is so scary. seriously scary. i sell bags and use paypal all the time. in fact i have a few payments in there right now.

    i'm so so so so sorry.
    Call paypal and talk to someone there. I find they are much more helpful on the phone!!
    And they DO take matters like this seriously, especially when a large amount of money like this is used.
  15. This makes me sick to read, and I am sorry if you are out that amount of money.

    Was the Paypal account confirmed. I don't think anyone should do a transaction without a confirmed Paypal account. Also I find it somewhat strange that you would see a balance transfer and then for Paypal to take that out. Between eBay and Paypal (both the same company) you should have some protection here. I would contact eBay and ask for an escalation. Which country did you send this to and what what your and the buyer eBay IDs?

    With transactions in the multiple hundreds of $$ I cannot stress enough that you all should take extra precaution and protection on these deals. Use a credit card that protects you when buying. Do some homework on the buyer when selling. Don't ding a person if they live in a different country, but certainly be sure on both sides that you want and feel good about doing these deals.