ladies i need help - eBay & epi questions :(

  1. hi ladies - since there's nowhere better than I can think of to get reliable answers to my dilemma - here it is, and thanks in advance for any advice :shame:

    so here's the story. i recently listed a couple of items from my bag collection on eBay, and one particular auction was for:

    Large Black Epi Noe & Black Epi Pochette
    (both were purchased around 2002/2003)

    now, i KNOW both items are authentic because my boyfriend bought the noe for me at the LV store while i was there, and the pochette he purchased for me through

    i sold both items together, to a bidder in denmark, and to my dismay, about two weeks later he wrote back saying that he had taken both items to the LV store in copenhagen, and they told him that both pieces are FAKE! i KNOW this cannot be true, unless the LV store sold me a fake one. he said that they told him that the leather is not real LV epi, that it is plastic, because there are some small areas rubbed around the trim on the bottom of the Noe that are white in color.

    is this possibly true? does anybody with an epi (not the newer soft epi) have any similar wear? does that mean it's PLASTIC?! also, has anybody ever taken an LV to a store for verification, and how reliable are the SA's there when verifying authenticity?

    unfortunately, i can only find the online confirmation for the order - the receipt for the Noe was lost long ago, i'm afraid.

    the buyer is asking for return shipping plus a full refund, AND some $200+ dollar customs fee that he paid for - i want to prove that the Noe is authentic, and have some grounds for a rebuttal. please help, anyone? :sad:
  2. How awful!! Call the Copenhagen store and speak to the manager and get it sorted out. SA´s are not equipped to say that. Did the buyer offer any proof of this? Or is he just trying to get out of the deal? Epi is not plastic it´s coated leather and rubbing in the corners is normal wear and tear.

    If the deal is not sorted through the boutique, ask for mypoupette authentication in writing.
  3. Epi is NOT plastic and YES, it can develop whitish marks on it from being rubbed against doors, walls, etc. This is true especially for the corners of the Noe.

    If you purchased them from LV and eLuxury, your buyer is trying to scam you.

    Please ask him for the name and phone number of the SM at LV where he went... you need to contact them and let them know what is occurring. Arrange to have th buyer take both items to LV at the date and time you agree to. Then you call LV and speak directly to the SM while the buyer is there with both items. Ask as many questions as you can about the items.
  4. I can't say anything about LV as such but I had problems with a fake Celine, and I know that LV employees are not allowed to give a written statement about authenticity (Celine belongs to them and the brand manager told me so) I would also call the shop in Copenhagen and ask the manager to deal with it. anyway, if the buyer wants a full refund etc they will need a statement proving the item is fake. maybe you could get the item at my poupette authenticated - the one from the shop. since you have a receipt for the other item I don't see how you could have a problem.

    I agree to what Addy suggested with calling while the buyer is there. they may try to get their money and keep the items.
  5. Nola, Addy, lara0112, THANK YOU! i really needed some confirmation that i wasn't going completely crazy and was sold fake LV's or something!

    this buyer has 12 positive feedbacks - i don't think he is trying to scam me, but i do think he is a newbie at this. at first, he wanted me to send him return shipping AND a full refund even before i received the items back! i emailed him back saying that was not possible - i'd only give him a refund when i get the items back safely. then in a subsequent email he then mentions that he paid $220 or so in customs fees which he also wants back.

    i wrote him back sending him some new pictures of the date stamps, and also a pdf of the receipt. i also asked him a few other questions, like what did the SA specifically say, and why did he have to pay almost 50% customs fee when i marked the item as a gift. since then (it has been about 4-5 days) i have not heard back from him. i also pointed out that many other epi auctions on eBay also state that there are white marks as well.

    it's so reassuring to know and hear from you girls that epi CAN have white marks - the Noe is in almost pristine condition, since i only used it for maybe 2-3 weeks and since then it has been stored properly in my closet.

    thank you SO MUCH again for your input - i've been on vacation the last week and just got back the other day and had to deal with this stress during my trip :sad: i'll post up any updates if i hear back from him.
  6. Sounds like he is bummed of having to pay customs fees, and is trying, really desperately to get his money back. Please let us know what happens.
  7. Please keep us updated with the situation...and hope you feel better now :yes:
  8. oh no! why would that lv store call it fake, they should know these things!
  9. Nola - that is a very good point, i hadn't thought of that. i do wonder if that is the real reason.

    sumanisaii - thank you - i'll definitely update and i do feel better now that i'm armed with some advice and support :smile:

    bvbirdygirl - that's what i'm saying! there's no way the bags are fake - i was thinking that maybe the lv employee was trying to prove a point in that buying from eBay = bad and paying full price at the store = good?

    thanks all!

  10. :yes: I was thinking this as well. Someone is having a case of the regrets.
  11. Agreed. Customs and buyers remorse = trying to fool the seller.
    Good luck, I hope everything will turn out fine! :flowers:
  12. My SIL recently sold my Epi Petit Noe. The lady that bought it took the purse, pochette, and wallet to the LV boutique. The SA at the store told her it was fake. So long story short my SIL called me and asked if I could verify were I bought my Epi which sounded really dumb. Like I gave her my Epi, wallet, key case, and 2 pochettes. I only buy from LV boutique she knew better than to ask me a question like that. This person paid $150 total for the Epi Petit Noe, billfold wallet, and 2 pochettes plus key case. I call that a steal! Will the nerve of the lady called me up instead to ask were I purchase these fakes because they would not repair the Noe and Pochette. I didn't know what to make of this idiot since I did buy it from the LV boutique for a grand total of $1600 some odd dollars and she pays nearly peanuts for my first edition bags? Luckily I had my receipts even though I didn't have to provide her with any copies. In the end I went to the store to clear things up. The SA that helped her in the beginning wasn't even old enough to know what LVs were released and when. I take it she had buyer's remorse for a $150.00:nuts:
  13. i believe your bf can call lv and ask for another recipet for your noe. he should still be in the system. just an fyi. but honestly- this person sounds like a scammer. and next time- don't declare your packages as gifts. it's against the law and if something happens to the package i believe you cant get the declared value because it is a gift. youre better off just decalring it for the full value and tough noogies if the buyer has to pay customs. if they've bought anything before they know they have to.
  14. I think this buyer is a scammer, what she is trying to do is either return fake bags OR return the bags and get some extra the Customs fees. I do not believe that she had to pay customs fees, especially if it was marked as a gift...she is trying to get money out of you.

    I would ask her to contact Page 1 and get the bags authenticated But Im not too sure if she will try to take pics of fake bags so i would be careful.

    So sorry this happened to you :flowers:
  15. lisag719 - looks like this is getting to be a popular theory! i must see what happens when/IF the guy decides to write me back...

    gergirl - i had no idea customs was that much! sheesh! almost 50% charge? that's ridiculous. but thanks :smile:

    pinkiwhatever99 - omg the same thing happened to you? i really think that some of the SA's at LV will just automatically say something is fake if it's not purchased at the store - either that or they dont' want to deal with "fixing" something. you're so lucky you had your receipts - i had the same feeling about the sa that this guy asked - i wonder if they were even around for long enough and have a thorough knowledge of lv craftsmanship?

    hlfinn - taht's great advice, THANK you. i'll definitely try that. and thanks for the advice about declaring as gifts - someone asked me to do taht once so i've always done it since - never knew it was illegal, although i figured it probably wasn't "right". but anyway, if a buyer buys from a foreign country, they have to be expecting a hefty customs fee anyawy, right? it just doesn't make sense tho that if i declared the pkg as a gift, why he still had to pay $220 customs fee for a $485 declared value. thanks again :smile: