Ladies I need advice (Bonanza)

  1. I know I already talked to the support center but I mean PayPal fees? if the whole transaction gets cancelled would paypal still keep the transaction fees - what I read not but putting it into practice is different :smile:
  2. No, you get the fees back.
  3. The PayPal fees are automatically returned. If you haven't actually spent any of your balance you should be able to just refund the full amount.

    Bonanza fees don't come due until the beginning of next month so you should be able to get those charges removed before you actually pay anything.
  4. When you specify refund, Paypal will refund the balance of the payment from your account and refund the fees from their own (i.e. Paypal's) account so you are not out any money on this transaction.

    I agree with the others - I would not ship with a two week window. I shop internationally all the time but it is trickier than domestic. The shipping times are more unpredictable and there can be customs owing that need to be paid before the item can be released.
  5. PayPal keeps $.30 of their fees so you will be in the neg after a full refund.
  6. thanks a Lot - refunded and any buyer is understanding too :smile: