Ladies I need advice (Bonanza)

  1. So I have two bags listed in my Bonanza listings and a buyer was interested in one of them and started mailing me about price offers several times when I told her I had a minimum I want to sell for (because of Paypal fees etc) and she would beg me to sell it to her as she is a student etc. So in the end I told her no I am selling for the amount I already told her and so she sent that offer - when I accepted it accidentally happened that the item was sold for the original price as the offer didnt work out properly. So then I talked to the support center and they fixed it for me. In the meantime she bought my other bag which had exactly the value she we arranged (coincidentially) and she paid for it right away asking me to send her the bag she wanted instead. So no I have one unpaid item. Plus she wants me to send the bag immediately because she s leaving the US in two weeks. I don't even know if the bag makes it there in two weeks time from Europe without any extra costs?
    Also what to do with the customs form, fill out the value the bag was bought for (thats whats the thing to do obviously but she might ask me to lower the value - only if the bag gets lost for some reason I am the one out of money...)

    should I cancel all transactions?
    please advice.
  2. i think you should cancel the transaction,so far shes tried to low ball you and then she went and turned it around and bought one bag and wants the other at that price,i would just cancel she seems to be trouble,i think somethings fishy its sad to say but i would think what in the world is she going to do if and when she gets the bag,she most likely going to throw a fit when if it dosnt get there on time and lord knows what else she comes up with,buyer just seems like a headache already,cancel now before the headache becomes worse.:noggin:
    (good luck with whatever you decide to do)
  3. y es thats what I th ought aswell. She seemed to be online 24/7 replying to my messages or sending me a few at once with her paypal address. It might only be that she really wants to get the bag before she s leaving but to be honest I have better things to do than sorting things out in the end. Her eBay profile seems to be ok though, just 100%. I do not want to be a mean seller or anything but I have heard all these paypal stories.
    I better refund her as she s paid already
  4. I would say that if a transaction makes you uneasy and you have a bad feeling about it, you should go with your gut. I would cancel the transaction and refund her. You may receive a negative from her though. But, if you message her and tell her you do not think that you can get her bag to her in time and give her a good reason of why you canceled the transaction, maybe you can avoid the negative.
  5. yea i would do it right away before she starts up any non sense,go with your gut feeling,you shouldnt have to go out of the way for somebody
  6. There's no way in hell your bag will arrive in the US from Europe in two weeks time. Believe me, been there, done that. The bag itself will most likely get to the US in this time frame but customs takes it sweeeet time and voila, two weeks have passed. Don't do it.
  7. I vote you cancel. This buyer sounds like really serious trouble or at the very least has horrible communication skills- you'll find a better buyer that will be less hassle.
  8. cancel the transaction.... you will be better off in the long run.. this buyer

    could turn out to be a problem as other posters suggest
  9. Cancel! This buyer is pushy at the very least and could be a customs-hanger type scammer at the worst. You can block a username from making purchases/offers by going to "Sell on Bonanza">"Edit booth options">"Payments & purchases" and scrolling to the bottom where it says "Ignore purchases from these users". Check the box and enter her username.

    Of course she can just create another user id but if she does that and negs you or something support will most likely remove them for you.
  10. Thanks ladies. I guess I NEED to cancel and refund right now. Now the buyer said if she is out of the country their landlord will accept the parcel if it arrives later than expected. I mean that could be all true but I don't want to take the risk. Plus its my friends bag also I am in charge to sell for her.
  11. The landlord can't accept it if it is held at the PO for customs charges! Don't argue with her anymore. Just tell her that you're uncomfortable with this arrangement and refund her money.
  12. yep thanks i already told her that i am uncomfortable with that. Now i need to tell her that I am going to refund it.
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    Sorry an off-topic question - if I refund her - can I not refund the amount she sent- I won't get the fees back?

    btw great I dont have enough money in my account to refund the full amount of money because after paypal fees its less.
  14. You should ask her to agree to a mutual cancellation... & you should get

    your fees back...
  15. On bonzana you can't cancel a transaction, you have to wait a week and then cancel, I would email CS and tell your issue and see if they can help