Ladies… I’m crying out for help!! SNAD


Oct 2, 2006
I agree...however, they may be hesitant to put anything in writing unless you know one of the SA's very well. I can't imagine they are too thrilled when people come in whining about bags they purchased outside of the boutique not being as described or possibly not being authentic. If you want a new authentic bag, purchase it there! That is why and how they get paid! They will give you a verbal estimate, but the final cost always depends on what the repairers quote them when it is eventually repaired. Since the figure is subject to change, they don't usually write it down. If you are lucky enough to find an SA who will do it, see if they can cite the creased bottom as the reason for repair.

I think this whole letter business is positively ridiculous. If Chanel won't provide these letters, they are asking people to spend additional money which they won't be refunded paying someone to do this...and ultimately how is that person anymore qualified to detail the damage? In the end it is still ridiculous because what's to stop the buyer from causing damage or furthering the damage just so they can bring it to a professional for a letter. IMO, this solves nothing and is a waste of time and money.


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Dec 30, 2007
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Authentication is not the issue so would a letter from a leather repair shop suffice? Because of the time limit, I would suggest calling Paypal to confirm what they are looking for. They should understand that most retailers do not provide after-sale support for online purchases so your options are limited.


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Mar 28, 2006
In the end it is still ridiculous because what's to stop the buyer from causing damage or furthering the damage just so they can bring it to a professional for a letter. IMO, this solves nothing and is a waste of time and money.
I agree, seller's need to protect themselves by taking dozens of pictures of the bag before shipping it. I do not sell much on eBay, but when I do I provide a lot of pictures in the auction, and I take a lot of pictures that I keep for my records just in case, kwim.
Apr 11, 2008
If chanel won't do written estimates...go to a high end shoe repair and ask them to estimate or say it cannot be structurally repaired. If there is a shoe repair you use often, they will write it. My guy in ny repairs for all the designer stores in ny, so someone like that.

Don't know where chanel would think they are above written estimates...people don't need them just for eBay, but for insurance, if a moving co or cleaner ruins something, etc...what if you loaned a frien the bag and they did this an wanted to know the damage to pay for it?


Mar 8, 2010
I hope it all works out for you OP. Sorry I don't have any valuable info to offer than what has already been said.
Mar 28, 2010
Are Paypal reading this thread? You all just discussed them asking buyers that file SNADs to provide 3rd party letters upon occasion and now weirdly they did it in this instance... :lol:
Anyway OP, so sorry that you are going through this. I DO happen to think that they seller was crafty and sly with how she angled the shots and downright with-holding information in her description, which is wrong.
As it was described in "mint" and "escellent condition" which is quite clearly NOT then i think that you have a case for SNAD and she has a case of being a non performing seller...
Perhaps see if a leather shop can help you out with a letter detailing the damage. I truly hope this gets resolved in YOUR favour. Good luck OP :hugs:
I am sadly involved in a snad case at the moment
and paypal have told me they do not take photographs or video clips on the original listing into account when making a decision they do not even look at the listing this is in the UK.
They have told me I have to appeal and then to provide a letter from a jeweler on letterhead paper.

They have not looked at any photographic evidence because they say it can be changed with software.
They also said they do not look at the listing photo's because you may have multiples of the item , I explained it was a unique vintage couture item and I wished I did have multiples of the item but they ignored me.

So in the UK they do not look at any photographic evidence or the listing
( this is when the buyer goes straight to Paypal and not E bay)
I am going to appeal. and to also write to E bay Head Office and send photo's with the complaint as per advice from our Consumer Direct and oddly enough a Paypal Rep.

I personally think its time for me to sell inland only and to ask for pre approved bidders outside of the UK or to pack up E bay which is sad because I have enjoyed sourcing items and all of my other buyers have been so pleased it only takes one bad person to ruin every bit of hard work you have done.
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