Ladies… I’m crying out for help!! SNAD


Dec 17, 2008
She must have taken those pics with the bag fully stuffed with tissue paper so the creasing wouldn't show.

BTW, she has this statement in her description:

Due to high levels of online fraud, all handbags and some other high end items will come with a one-time removable security tag attached.
Did you already take it off?
Apr 11, 2008
I had to present one for a bag caked in shoe polish. I got my cleaner to do one. And I still lost my case. Hence my ID.
This was the last time I recall hearing about it, and I just presumed it was bc of the odd nature of the snad...(I mean, who does that?)

Maybe you should get a letter stating that they are not just creases, but that the bag structure is bent, affecting it's structural integrity?
Apr 11, 2008
I really dislike the language of the auction itself. So much negativity: Do not! Will not! So many rules, and so early in the description. I think I would have passed just on that alone.

As for the pictures, some of them definitely show the creases. I would try for the SNAD if you really can't live with the purse, but I can see it getting denied simply because she isn't hiding the fact that there are some creases. Straight on pictures of it in fact. I'd take the $200 and run!

I like how she says she'll report anyone who steals her photo bc you should sell on your own merit. And theN posts several shots of celebs with the bag that I'm betting she did not snap herself or pay for! LOL!


Nov 20, 2006
gplus3- Did you already take it off?
the bag did not come with security tag...

Maybe you should get a letter stating that they are not just creases, but that the bag structure is bent, affecting it's structural integrity?
yup, you're so right.. this is just not about the crease, it is something that is internal like i mentioned i my original post. I just called paypal and spoke to a nice lady. She actually helped me out with adding more information to my dispute.. She even mentioned that i am supposed to get MINT which means " perfect " to " like - new" condition and if there is a problem like structural damage then that is not "Mint".. But, i really don't know if that will help... i'm just waiting now.. the case is being reviewed..


Mar 6, 2008
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My experiance recently with paypal was bad, really bad... the seller listed with 6 photo and yellow light. The color of the bag is White. seller listed with Mint/ perfect and like new condition. Yes, she listed that.

I paid top price for that bag after I sent her a message thru ebay to ask her confirm again the condition, and becuase it is white color, so I have to make sure, everythign like mint condition. She replied thru Ebay and confirm it is Mint.

Received the bag ... that was a painful part. The bag turn yellow , water marked in bottom. The handle very use... Of course, I didn't see it in the photo listing.

Open the SNAD, Rep from Paypal seems sympathy for my situation... But guess what? I lost the claim, as she list on the condition on Ebay is Pre Owner. Paypal doesn't care what she said in the description, and the Ebay message. They just closed on Seller's favor. ( I filed SNAD three time for this bag) , then I gave up.

My bank didn't side with me either. Because they asked me to contact third party as Paypal.

It sucks.

Good luck to u , OP


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Jul 17, 2007
Sorry you're in this situation Kit Kat, best wishes to you! Hopefully you can get a resolution that you are happy with. I definitely do not feel that bag is Mint at all.


Sep 5, 2009
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the photo of the bottom of the bag just looks like shadowing if you didn't know what to look for. try and take some close ups for paypal of the damage to the inside of the bag as well. the more evidence the better...


Jul 16, 2009
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That sucks! I'm so sorry you have to go through this-- I filed a SNAD when I received a fake LV bag. I called PP and they were very helpful (once I got through to them). The seller kept ignoring the emails from them and ended up losing the claim. I'd call them every day- that's what I did. They kept adding more info and I also faxed information to them too.
Mar 3, 2010
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Sorry to hear that.
I had a similar snad a year ago with a Chanel satin bow bag. It was listed new, flawless
I got it and it was full of snags and had stains inside and it was the smaller size when she listed measurements for the larger size. I filed a snad and shipped the bag back to the seller when eBay told me to. The seller got mad because I shipped it back in a flat rate envelope, I had to pay to ship it back and insure it so I was pretty mad and it fit so I did it.
Seller didn't want to refund me after that. I called eBay and had a very heated conversation with the guy on the phone and they told me they would get back to me with a decision. But I asked him about what? If I get my money back? I was pretty angry at that point and I wasn't going to get off the phone not knowing if I would get a refund, it was almost $1000 and I wasn't going to leave that in limbo.
They finally issued a refund for me on the phone. That seller had no class because about a month later she used her sisters account to buy 2 items I was selling, not pay, and leave me negative feedback. I figured it out because they had the same last name and address. Had to go through another headache to get my feedback back to normal.
But I didn't have to write a letter about the snad. So I'm not sure when the policy changed.
Good luck!


Jan 30, 2009
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Thanks for the info.

The OP is in the U.S., not the U.K., and PP terms vary (sometimes a bit, sometimes a lot) from country to country. However, I checked the UK agreement, and there's nothing about third-party letters for transactions of any amount. So I'm inclined to believe that PP is not requiring third-party letters for SNAD cases based on transaction amount and that it may be asking for them under certain circumstances. I doesn't seem to be standard procedure not only because it's not listed as a requirement for SNAD coverage eligibility, nor mentioned in the instructions for filing a claim, or anywhere in the agreement, but also because IMO it doesn't make sense. But, then again, that wouldn't be the first one something PP does doesn't make much sense. :rolleyes:

I'm very curious why your eBayer in particular was asked for this letter. I'm gonna ask about this next time I talk to someone at PP. Thanks for telling us about this case! :biggrin:

I am in the US and I was asked for a similar letter for a SNAD case several years ago. It was for a Miu Miu sweater (not too expensive, less than $500). My dry cleaner was able to provide a letter for me stating that the sweater was snagged and that he could not repair it at all (he does alterations / repairs / tailoring stuff).

Jun 25, 2008
^ That's why I think these letters are not standard procedure but just one of various documents/photos/etc. PP can ask (per its T&Cs) anyone during the claim process. Thanks for the info, p-WA.


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Dec 30, 2007
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From the seller's auction showing the bent and creases on the bottom of the bag:

I wouldn't call it mint condition though.
This could easily be interpreted as lighting and shadows rather than a crease. The seller did have a number of photos but the only words she used to describe the used condition of the bag was "minimal wear on the corners". The seller had many paragraphs outlining the riot act to potential buyers and also a number of celebrity photos which IMO are fluff. But she did not mention that there was a crease at the bottom of the bag. I think that was a significant omission.


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Dec 6, 2005
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OP .. sorry to hear about your situation; I am going through the same but in my case, I'm the seller and the buyer filed a SNAD on me.

It's no fun for either party; I'm pretty clear in my auctions about wear & provide plenty of pictures .. in my case, I think it's just that the buyer is uneducated about the particular bag (LV Denim GM Baggy). First, she noted that is was WORN, not NEW and then indicated that it was the wrong style. Well, she's wrong on both accounts .. and even though I never used it, I did note that there was a little water spot on the strap .. would I do that if I was trying to scam anyone?

In my case, I hope Paypal DOES require that she provide 'PROOF' because they have already nicked my Paypal account for the refund that she's requested! I'm pretty peeved about that because I believe that they should wait for the dispute to be resolved before ANYONE's account is affected. I provided them with all the pictures, the auction text, and comparison pics of the 2 different styles (they will clearly see that she is incorrect).

Bottom line - caveat emptor in all online transactions! I always tell my friends, make sure to do very thorough research before buying anything and if in doubt, always ask for additional pictures ... especially when something is up there in $$$!!

Again, sorry to hear about your situation, but as I said .. it really sucks when a seller gets a SNAD filed against them when the buyer is not truthful.


Nov 20, 2006
HELP!! Heres the email i received today from paypal...

"Please provide documentation to confirm that the item you received is
damaged or significantly not as described.

This documentation should be from an unbiased third party, such as a dealer
or repair shop, and should detail the extent of the damage or confirm that
the item you received is significantly different from what the seller
advertised. This third party should be someone who is qualified to appraise
the item you received.

Please do not proceed with any repairs or alterations to the item until the
case has been decided.

The information should be on letterhead that includes the name, address,
and phone number of the appraiser so that we may contact them if we require
additional information.

"DEADLINE: 10 calendar days"

Ladies, would you please recommend me a place where I can take the bag to. Must be a Qualified and honored by Paypal, like they said.. Somewhere around L.A, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, San Gabriel or anywhere close to these places...

Also is etincelerauthentication in LA? It would be better if they can see the bag in person so they'd know exactly what i was trying to explain...

Thank you in advance...

Oh Btw,
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