Ladies, I just got this bag but>

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  1. The listing has been removed. Regardless, file a SNAD (significantly not as described) with ebay if the pen mark was not disclosed in the listing. There is no such thing as "no returns" with ebay not matter what a seller says.
  2. It was listed NWT, thus a pen mark is not acceptable (and undisclosed)- file a SNAD and send it back..
  3. I agree with pigalle. NWT would not = penmarks!!!
  4. okay the seller agreed to do a return. but question is = should I keep and get partial refund to get pen mark removed? or return altogether? It's a MbMJ Hillier in Faded Aluminum that I've been dying to get my hands on! ;\
  5. Ink is tricky to remove. I would check with a professional leather cleaner and get their opinion on the chances of getting it out. I wouldn't try anything myself. You might take some of the colour out of the bag and then you wouldn't be able to return it.

    I really don't like ink marks so I would probably just return the bag.
  6. Get the refund.
  7. ink is pretty much permanent on leather. unless you want a repair shop to strip that area and re-dye, but i don't know what that costs and how it'll look. and the seller may not be willing to pay for all that.

    it's a dark color, so if the pen won't bother you, and the seller is willing to give a bit of a refund, may be worth it to keep
  8. Just return it. I have pen on my MJ cheque book and it won't come off. I tried a bajillion different things, too.
  9. Try rubbing alcohol. It depends how deep it is whether it works. If not dispute and return.
  10. it seems like it really bugs you OP, probably best to just refund it and find another one
    I hope you do find another one :hugs:
  11. Be careful with rubbing alcohol, it might take the dye off.
  12. return the bag and get a refund. Ink will never come off.
  13. I got permanent marker out of the silk lining of one of my bags with nail polish remover. But I don't think I would have been brave enough to try that on the outside of my bag. If the pen mark doesn't bother you, and it's more of a principle thing, get a partial refund. If the pen mark is all you see when you look at the bag, return it.
  14. Dried pen marks will NOT come out, it's permanent.