Ladies I have just ordered my violet step!!

  1. :yahoo::okay::jammin::nuts: WOOOHOOOOOOO I am sooooooo happy!! Sorry no pics yet but I just wanted to share my excitement!!
    I have been trying to decide which to get between the city and step and figured I have a city so i will try out a new style!!
    Yay!! Thanks for letting me share! I feel like such a geek!!:love:
  2. wooo congrats! cant wait to see pics :party:
  3. congrats!! love the step in violet! you have to post pics immediately when you'll receive her!!
  4. oo congrats! I so want this bag badly, but have no funds on the moment :crybaby:please post pictures when you get her! x
  5. Don't feel like a geek...or if you do, remember we're all geeks! Congrats on the violet step, all of the ones I have seen on here have been beautiful, I'm sure yours will be too.
  6. Big Congrats, Luva Pug! U've made a Great Choice on Violet!!! It's a super gorgeous color! Remember to post pics.
  7. congrats! awesome buy.
  8. Thanks everyone! =) I saw a violet day today and i was almost hugging it in the store! Lol, i just cant get enough of the colour!!
    Dont worry I will post tons of pics!!
  9. :yahoo:BIG CONGRATS!!!!!!!!! You're going to love violet!!!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo:
  10. congrats! u will love it! I have a violet step myself and love love love it
  11. congrats! can't wait to see your pictures!
  12. Yay! Amazing color! I love my violet Step and my Violet First! the color looks so good with everthing. I get so many compliments with this color.
    I went to the Furla Store the other night and the SA stopped me to say she Loved the Violet!
  13. The Step bag is such an awesome style. I am not going to keep my Violet Step though as the colour doesn't work well with my wardrobe (yes, I am still in shock!) I wish I could afford to keep her just to gaze at the gorgeous colour!

    Congrats luvapug!
  14. oh I'm so jealous ... I want one of those too ... yummy color! congrats, can't wait for pics.