Ladies, I have FOUND IT! The elusive MBMJ Firebird Red Turnlock Bowler is now mine!

  1. I cant believe it. In fact, I wont totally believe it until the bag shows up at my door.

    Look at this beauty! Luscious, perfect lipstick-fire engine-true FIREBIRD RED in the

    best MBMJ style EVER made: The Totally Turnlock Bowler!

    Look at this beauty! She will make a great addition to my MBMJ Bowler Club!
    It was $250 use! Would you have paid it? I dont usually buy used bags but I had to make an exception for Lady Firebird!
  2. Congrats!
    I saw that bag too, but I just realized they just put up a BIN price.

    I would buy it even if it was used for that price! Especially since it's one you've been wanting for so long!

    Please post pics when you get it! :smile:
  3. I saw that auction too; I was just concerned about the condition. For that price though you should be fine. Congrats!! The color is stunning!
  4. Ooops! Here are some pics/the auction

    Excuse my feedback, I have it private for privacy reasons :p) If you were wondering about the 4 negatives; once I called a lady out on a fake coach, another time a seller sent me a supposedly NWT bag that came used and smelly, another relisted after I paid because of low selling price, and one I didnt pay due to lack of funds. I don't believe in leaving positive feedback for those sellers who completely and blatantly mis-advertise their stuff, and I dont really care about retaliatory feedback, although I did deserve the negative for not paying. Anyhooo, getting wayyyy off track...Look, isnt she pretty!
  5. Congrats!
  6. Congrats on finally getting it!!
  7. Yay! This is such a rare color, and I think it's a good price too! Enjoy your bag and be sure to post pics!
  8. Congratulations! The color is gorgeous!
  9. i love the turnlock bowler and the firebird is an excellent color. congrats!
  10. LOve that color red - congrats on finally finding it!!
  11. Congrats GUNG! Now you can sell me your black one :p
  12. that's a hard bag to find- congrats!
  13. It's such a gorgeous bag, I would have paid anything for it. Congratulations!!!!!:yes:
  14. Congrats! Gorgerous bag.
  15. Gorgeous! Congrats on your find! :yahoo: