Ladies, I have a project for you! Any help appreciated...

  1. Hi guys! I just joined this forum last week and what can I say, I'm going purse crazy. I just got a Hayden Harnett clutch (I love it), but of course that is not enough. Since I'm poor, I need to get my purse fix from something other than retail therapy. And this is where you guys come in!



    This is my fendi bag. Its 3 years old and has gone through hell and back. Not only did a pomeranian attack the strap at a house party (I wanted to kick it) but something melted inside of it. I think its lip balm, but I really can't be sure. Here are my questions:

    1. Where can I get a replacement strap? The damaged strap is just over 19 inches three holes on each end.


    2. How in the world am I going to clean the interior? It's gross. I was thinking about using some Shout spot treatment and washing it by hand.


    Thanks in advance for ANY help... I really want to save this purse! Anyways, I don't think I could do anything to make it any worse than it is :P
  2. Awww... your POOR Fendi!!! :cry: I don't know much about Fendi but maybe try calling Fendi and see if they're willing to repair or replace your strap. They might even clean it. I know LV does repairing and cleaning for old bags but not sure about Fendi.
  3. I think I fixed it almost good as new! I did use the shout and got all that nasty flaky stuff out of the interior, but I still have stains from pen markings grr... And for the strap, I took off a strap from a coach tote that I use as a sewing bag and it fits perfectly! Not brand new, but hey? Better than nothing
  4. Bumping this thread.

    PS I hope you didn't kick the pomeranian?
  5. I didn't kick the pomeranian, just kind of sneered at it from across the room. I pretty much looked like this :evil:
  6. Smart idea! :biggrin:
  7. I would contact a Fendi store and ask...I actually have this style bag...3 of them leather...cute style!
  8. You could also bring it to your local shoemaker and ask them if they can repair it.