Ladies I got busted tonight!!!!


    Ok I'm coming to you ladies because I know you can maybe understand alittle where I'm coming from here and sympathize some....
    I have an addiction....... her name is COACH. There I said it , I admitted it :sweatdrop:

    I have always been a collector of Coach, for many years. But, over the past year I've sorta lost my mind :supacool:. I discovered what eBay was...:drool: and I've been on there almost, no, everyday. Over the past 2 months I've bought 21 items. All Coach, from shoes to accessories you name it!. I've gotten a RUSH:yahoo: from bidding and winning :boxing:. I've been having things delivered to my job and sneaking them in the house. Trying to find places to hide them. Now I have a job and I'm using my own money to buy these things..... BUT... here's the problem. My husband found my eBay account and was able to see all the items I purchased, when , and how my they were :wtf:. Of course I got my tail reamed and I had no answer but to say Yes I did it and I have a problem. Now of course he's not speaking to me for the next century but oh well. I need eBay anonymous :nuts:........ Man oh man I dug myself a hole tonight .
    On another note, I listed my FIRST Coach item for sale today and I'm hoping to sell of the remainder of my Vintage Collection of Coach purses on Ebay once I get some help identify what the names are.
    I really like coming here and reading everyone's thought and ideas, you are a great bunch of gals.
    Thanks for listening to me rant
  2. Welcome!!! You've come to the right place!!
  3. Oh no!!! :wtf: I am sorry.. and I can totally relate... I have gone on a huge Coach addiction binge for the last year now and even though I have sold or returned almost every bag when I got another one, it still has been incredibly unhealthy, stressful and not fun anymore. :sad: I love the rush of anticipating, waiting and even getting.. but the rush is quickly gone when I see something else or the thing I got was not what I expected. :tdown: I have been pulling in the reigns lately and sold off all the extras, I only have 4 bags including the swingpack I just got today. (which ironically enough is the most I have ever had at one time) :upsidedown: I have been visiting the money talks forum and the curbing your consumerism thread. It helps me to stay on track. :yes: I hope your hubby forgives you soon and you can pull it in.. all things in moderation, right?!? :p
  4. welcome! you know this site may make your addiction worse??:graucho:
  5. Hi there! :jammin: I can totally relate, 'cept I haven't gotten busted YET! :graucho:
  6. my addiction worsened when I joined tPf...lmao
  7. Thanks for the understanding Ladies :tup: You are all some cool chics !!!
    And yes , TPF makes the desire to buy harder and harder to resist.
  8. Wow! Sorry to hear that you're in deep doo-doo. Hard as it is to believe, maybe it's a good thing that your husband found out and spoke with you before things got worse. At least now you can reign it in and get back on track. :tup:
  9. That is when mine started!!!! :wtf::p
  10. Agreed. It all started with one little wristlet I got as a gift... and once I found this forum, I quickly amassed a small stash of Coach - and it's all I think about. I'm on eBay all the time now browsing for good deals. It's definitely an addiction.

    Sorry you got busted! At least with Coach, you're not spending your money on consumables or something that will plummet in value, right? :biggrin:
  11. My husband learned not ask questions. :biggrin: I do get that not another one look and his eyes rolling so far back into his head, but he has his passions and I have mine. I am not as bad as you, but I have been to the outlets 3 times in the past month. It is hard.
  12. MAY?!? :lol::roflmfao:
  13. Welcome Coachwhore :flowers: addiction started with one carly and now after coming to this site...I am now a coach addict.:yes:

  14. Okay, I'm sorry.. I know this is her name but :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  15. Same here!!! I told myself I was going to stay away from ebay for a couple of months, but I am in that zone where it is near impossible!! I know I will get there as I always do, but it is just not that time yet :nogood: Soon your husband will just stop asking questions :yes: Have fun and I hope he comes around sooner then later.