Ladies, I feel so sick right now . . . ebayer scammer?

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  1. I sold one of my handbags on ebay the other day almost immediately after it appeared in the listings. It was bought by a buyer with 0 feedback. I did have a bad feeling at the time that this was a bad sign, but I was happy to sell the bag, and she paid right away.

    The buyer has been registered on ebay since 9/07, so she did not sign up just to purchase my bag. I shipped it US Express Mail with insurance, which they have to sign for. There was a signature, but not by the name of the buyer. The buyer's ebay address matched her paypal address. I had sent her the tracking number.

    Today I get an email that she hasn't received the bag and that she thinks "some guy" at her house who she doesn't know (?) signed for it. How would she know it is "some guy"? My husband and I checked her ebay address, and now it shows a male name and a different address. Same with paypal. The paypal address is the same guy's with the same address ebay shows. This was just changed since she bought my bag. My husband googled both addresses. They are not far from each other. He said it is possible that she moved and did not change her paypal address. I know I have done this before. Since that was 6 months ago, that could be what happened.

    But what if this is a scam? What if she claims she did not receive the bag when I shipped it to her paypal address and someone signed for it? Will I lose my money? What if she does a chargeback, claiming she did not receive it?

    Please let me know. I am just sick about it. :sad: This will be an expensive mistake to make.
  2. Do you have a printout of the original Paypal invoice with the woman's name and address? If so you can submit it to Paypal if she decides to dispute it. It would clearly show that you shipped it to the correct address.
  3. I've been lax in printing out invoices,now I will with every auction. Thanks
  4. Ebay can check the adress at the time of purchase and tell you the date it was changed. They have done it for me before when someone changed there adress after purchasing something from me then claimed they didnt recieve. Ebay was able to see the exact day they changed it. You should contact them on ebay lives house and see what they say. Good Luck!
  5. No, I don't. But paypal would have a record of when the address was changed, right? Even if I don't? What protection do I have?
  6. Thank you so much.
  7. I hope you have better luck than I did. I sold a bag, which the buyer claimed she did not receive. (5 days after shipping no less!) This was shipped from Canada to New York. (Of course it couldn't have been received so soon!) Anyway she filed a charge back with her credit card company and I am out of luck! Paypal appeared to be on my side, as this fraudulent buyer had done this kind of thing before, but they seem to have dropped the ball since the charge back. I had insurance and am still waiting for my insurance claim with the post office. (This was last November!) The hold up appears to be her signing a declaration stating that she did not receive it. So I believe she has my bag, her money back, and yet won't sign a declaration. Crazy!
    Sorry for the rant. Hope things turn out better for you!
  8. ^Yes, this is exactly the kind of thing I'm worried about. I know I can ultimately file a claim with the post office. I hope I don't have to. So sorry for what happened to you in your situation. I can sympathize.
  9. If someone at the address had signed for it thats her problem. She gave that address so why should it be your fault if some guy she doesnt know signed. How many people live in houses with guys they dont know?? Weird
  10. I just don't see how this can be your fault. If you sent the package to the address that she has connected to her ebay/paypal, and there is signature confirmation that the package was received by someone, then she needs to take this up with her post office.
  11. Look over the Paypal "transaction details" page - Does it say eligible for seller protection? If it says "Seller Protection Eligible" and you followed all the steps to ship to confirmed addy, with signature over $250, etc., ship within 7 days of payment, you will be fine.

    For Paypal purposes all they care is that someone at that confirmed address signed for the package, so even if the signed name shows different at, as long as the correct address/zip is shown, the ball falls into the buyers court to prove their end of the story.
  12. Good luck and keep us posted.
  13. True that! I've had a buyer do that (claimed it was sent to her boyfriend's address, boyfriend signed etc, further checks showed she was a shack up and did get cc bills sent there at that time then later broke up and moved). After she moved and with her new address she tried to dispute but I won.
  14. Thank you, ladies. You are the best! Will keep you posted.
  15. In any case, withdraw all the money from your PP account, if you didn't do it yet!