Ladies, I Did It!!!!!

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  1. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    I sent Pinchrosemary askin' when she'd have another Zucca/brown leather on sale. She said she'd have another one at the week's end. If I don't get the one that Sloane_Street's sellin', I'll get Pinchrosemary's. The only thing that has me nervous about Sloane_Street's is that, in her description, she says that the price (which started out very low) "is set according to the condition of the bag". She also says that the "bag has obviously had a fair amount of use so please bear this in mind when bidding". Hmmm...? I purchased a black Spy from her a few weeks ago. It's authentic and beautiful, but the Spy pocket had a hole in it that she didn't mention in her eBay description. So, I'm just a widdle bit hesitant about gettin' another from her. I want this bag so bad, I just might get impatient and give in...if the price doesn't go much higher. We'll see.

    Can't wait to see your pix!
  2. did you ask for some refund for the hole? that sucks!!!
    i'll try to post pics after Lion King tonight. i want decophile to double check the auth..

    did you post pics of your black one? i wanna seeeee
  3. Nah, I wrote her back saying that 1) she should have mentioned the hole cos I noticed it as soon as I opened the bag (she claimed not to have seen it). And 2) she could have charged less for it. Long story short, I just sewed the hole up. It's as good as new and I carry it often. I Love it more than the day I got it. For some reason, when I spend a lot of money on something, I start having second thoughts immediately. Then, after a few days, I wouldn't trade it for the world. That's how it was when I got my Miu Miu and it was the same with the Spy. I wanted it for so long. Then, I was havin' doubts about the color n' whether I wanted to keep it or not. Long story short, I love my coffer and I love my spy to death! I'm convinced that once I get my zucca spy, I won't want any more pricey bags. Time will tell... Oh, and no, I haven't put pix up yet. Everyone's putting pix up of their wisteria's, zucca's, holograms... I was like, no body wants to see my plain ol' black spy. Don't get me wrong, I Love it! But...I might put some pix up when I get my dream (zucca) spy. Still wanna see yours though!:yes:

    And if you don't mine my asking, is everything kosher with your bag that you got from Pinchrosemary? Was she a cool seller? I mean, the girl I got my spy from was really nice, but the experience coulda been better. Something's seriously tellin' me to wait until Pinch puts her zucca spy up.

  4. pinch was cool. the auction ended on the 6th, i paid on the 7th, and she shipped it on the 8th. the bag was a little more worn than the pictures but you can't really show all the little signs of wear in the pictures. i'm satisfied with it overall. i think i got a great price for it too.

    i was going to put up pictures yesterday but i knocked out after watching lion king. i'm going to try to do it today!!!

    i still want to see your black. i like it more than the wisteria. do you find it hard to get stuff in and out of the bag? i do.

  5. Thank you for sharing your Pinch experience, LOL. No really, she's sold a few Spys, her feedback's good and she seems very nice. I've asked her a couple of questions and she always responds in a timely manner.

    She sent me an update on the Zucca that she said she'd be selling at the end of the week. She's pushin' it back to Dec. 21st cos she doesn't want anyone to win the bag, expect to get it by Christmas and should the USPS not deliver it on time, be disappointed. I totally understand. I just keep telling myself, anything worth having is worth waitin' for.

    I don't have any problems gettin' stuff in or outta the bag. Sometimes, I have to dig around a bit, but that's with just about any bag. I love that I can just throw stuff in it. I had an issue with the bag not having a zipper or anything but the flap to keep it closed, but I'm over it now. What kinda problems have you been havin' gettin' stuff in n' outta the bag?:confused1:
  6. yay, congrats! please post some pics!!