Ladies, I Did It!!!!!

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  1. Congrats!
  2. CONGRATS on your first spy! Can't wait to get my own!!!
  3. congrats .. geat bag :biggrin:

    cant wait to see pics :yahoo:
  4. This bag is so hot and sexy! congrats, you will be a queen with her!

    congrats! congrats! congrats!
  5. thanks!!!

    it's been shipped!!! ahhhhhhhh i can't wait the " 2-3 business days" it'll be probably next wed or thurs!! ahhhhhh
  6. OHH pics pics WE Want pics!:drool:

  7. Fabulous darlin'! It was meant for you to have that bag. Enjoy it! Treat her well and wear her with pride! :queen:
  8. Excellent choice!
  9. :heart: Aw congrats on you beautiful Spy, make sure you post some pics!:heart:
  10. i hate waiting!!!!

    i got notification that the seller made a postage thingy with paypal on the 8th but when i track it, but it doesn't list any movement on the package! i don't know if the seller dropped it in the mailbox or just left the package with the stamp on it!

    this is torture. i can't wait. I WANT MY SPY NOW NOW NOW!!

    at least before i leave for vegas this weekend!!!
  11. i apologize for the rant but this shows that i really really really want my spy. thanks.
  12. ok here's an update:

    Status: Arrival at Unit

    it's at my post office. i'll either get it today or tomorrow!!!!
  13. Congrats! It's beautiful!
  14. argg.. they attempted delivery yesterday but no one was home. they said they left a memo but i didn't get it.. i'm going to go to the post office with the print out of the tracking info. i hope i get it??!?!? CUZ I WANT IT NOW!
  15. YAY!!!! I GOT IT!!

    i was so excited that i switched bags in my car. my speedy's rolling around in the back seat. hahahaha

    i'll take pics later when i go home... also want to make sure of auth.