Ladies I could use your help.

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  1. I'm really liking the Blanc Corail Vernis but am nervous about clothes color transfer or it picking up other stains. I would love to hear from anyone who's had some personal experience with this color and your opinion---would you purchase it again?! thanks :smile:
  2. I would not purchase any light colored vernis again, nope. 2 blanc corail item repairs later and the edges still discolored.. I think it does so from age and time not even transfer. Any pre-loved (3 or 4+ years old or older) you see on auction too, so many of them have the same discoloration I experienced. Sorry I don't have a better review. :sad:
  3. I was leaning toward a pre-loved anyway so I wouldn't be so upset if something happened but I have noticed so many issues on bags that haven't even been used very much! I truly appreciated your honest input.
  4. Well, my first Roxbury Drive in Perle got some color transfer from my jeans many many years ago. I love that bag so much I just can't sell it, so I just use it and enjoy it even with a little color transfer.

    With that being said, I have purchased a Brea MM Vernis in the very light Rose Angelique and Lilas. Now I'm very aware of color transfer and this will not happen to me again.

    I jump through hoops to keep them away from my jeans or colored tops. The thing is I love the colors so much that it's worth it to me to take the necessary precautions to prevent color transfer.

    So, can you do it? Do you love it enough to take the care that is a must to prevent color transfer?

    If you can answer YES to both of those questions then go for it!!! :graucho:

    If not then stay away - very far away. :nogood:
  5. great points to think about....thanks
  6. are you referring to a darker discoloration at edges as it ages? is that what you got repaired and not from color transfer?
  7. Yes, it's like a reddish burn that occurs.. before I owned the color I just assumed people were wearing red shirts or putting blanc corail SLG's inside damier red lined bags or something... but when it happened to me and I did none of that, I knew it was just the nature of the vernis in this color. For instance the trim on the bag in eBay item 281287630420 or the wallet edges and the underside of the handles on the bag in item 251483755650. That's what I was seeing. Luckily LV stood behind my items :smile: and I suppose if you find a great preloved deal too it would be worth it still maybe to own.. it's such a gorgeous color! I was heart sick.
  8. that's exactly what I've been thinking was color transfer but apparently it is "normal" wear for this color vernis! crazy. Too bad because I just love this color....
  9. What about yellowing I keep hearing about on lighter Vernis bags? What would cause that too much sun exposure?