Ladies i am having buyer remorse

  1. I just won a Gigi in the whiskey color on eBay for $300 i know that a good deal but i dont know why i feel so bad.
  2. I don't either! Gigi is an amazing bag and you got it for a steal! I think you should keep it and enjoy!
  3. I have to agree! But I do know what you are going through...I always feel bad because my DH lets me get great bags every once in a while and I wish that he'd buy himself something nice, and he just doesn't!!
  4. You got her for a steal! I think you should keep her and enjoy her!
  5. Dont feel bad! You got a great deal. Post pictures when you get it.
  6. I can only speak for myself-

    but I know that when I feel bad about buying stuff it is usually because of an underlying factor. It is usually I know I dont need whatever I bought, I did not "have" the money but I bought it anyways, or sometimes its because I could not fight the urge not to buy it...

    The only advice which i can offer you is enjoy your new bag. Whats done is done (plus its a BEAUTIFUL bag and you got it at a bargain!)

    If it continues to bother you maybe you should go on a ban? I hope you feel better!
  7. Wow!! you got a great deal!!! If this is a bag that you will use and enjoy then don't feel bad about it!!

    I am thinking about getting the Gigi in Clay but I don't know if It will stay on my shoulder.

  8. ^^This is so true! I usually feel this way because I know I truly do not need another bag or my $ is tight. I say if you still feel this way after she arrives you can always relist her. It sounds like you go a great deal so you should be able to get your money back maybe even a little more. You never know. Give yourself time to think it over and you might just change your mind & be excited!
  9. I guess the reason i feel bad is beacuse i just bought the large belted ergo, a 6 x 8 turnlock planner and now the gigi. I am not buying nothing else for a while.
  10. Do you feel upset because of the money you spent or because you are not sure if you want the bag, or both? :shrugs: I am sorry, I have gone through that.. the rush of getting it and a lot of times it is funner going for the hunt. I hope you end up loving it, if not you can always resell it! :yes:
  11. There you go! Im so glad to hear that... I know sometimes it is hard around here with everyone being enablers (im not counting myself out of that group!) but I think its important to remember every once in a while that our purchases/love for coach are supposed to make us feel GOOD. If it doesnt there is a prob.

    I think that if u take alittle break you will feel better and have the time to enjoy your recent finds!

  12. I agree with everyone else-if you feel that you need to, go on a ban, take a break. But as was also mentioned, what's done is done so enjoy the great deal you got! Just think, if you really can't enjoy it (or if money is that tight), you can always resell.
  13. sorry that you feel that way for now :crybaby:but i agree with everyone else, if you need to go on a ban, go on a ban. well be here to celebrate with you when you make your next purchase! :wlae: