Ladies, I am a Free Woman Until Thursday!!!!!!Perhaps some wine to Celebrate later!!!

  1. My husband and kids left this morning to go visit his dysfunctional parents in Arizona until thursday nite. Somehow I got my a** out of this trip...the dog is only 8 months old and needs me, I have to work (I only work 12 hours a week and my boss could care less), why spend the extra money on a ticket, blah blah blah. DH fell for it!!! He also knows I have to be on intravenous valium when I see his family b/c they're such a mess.:hs:

    This is the first time in 10 years (since my twins were born) that I have been alone. It's soooo peaceful. :happydance: No fighting children, no piles of laundry, girls nites out tomorrow and Wednesday. I'm totally having some wine later to toast my temporary sanity!!:drinkup:
  2. Cheers shu, enjoy the silence! :drinkup:

    Popcorn to go with the wine? :popcorn:
  3. Good for you! I always love it when I get the house to myself but to be honest as much as I enjoy it after a while I miss them. Or I hear noises and get scared...I know I'm a big baby! Anyway, enjoy! You'll always have tPF to keep you company
  4. Woohoo, shu! Break open that wine :nuts:
  5. OMG shu, sounds like a mini-vacation! Isn't it luxurious to wake up to an empty, quiet house and spend the day doing whatever you want?! Enjoy! Cheers!!
  6. It truly is a mini-vacation!!! No driving my kids to karate, rushing to do homework, driving to hebrew school...just me and my neurotic dog. I will definately miss them by Thursday but for now I'm going to get buzzed and online shop.
  7. Sleep late, read books, paint your nails, stay in your pj's all day and eat oreo cookies in bed. I can think of a million ways for you to enjoy yourself, but I'm sure you already have.

    By the time they come home you'll be welcoming them with open arms! Enjoy your time alone and look forward to their return!
  8. Have so much fun Shu you can't stand it! It's great to get a "break" once & a while, isn't it?
  9. Oh Shu...I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW!!!! This is the first time I have been in my house ALONE since Xmas.(non stop family here) I feel free, relaxed and down right JOYFUL!!! (I know its no comparison. BUT I do not have kids and to not have my alone time for that long hurts my soul! Anyway, enjoy!!!! Im drinking vodka tonics, in my Pj's and in H E A V E N!!! Have a great few days. xxx
  10. Congrats Shu! Just sit back and relax and enjoy the quiet, you deserve it.:party:
  11. I'm ecstatic when I'm home alone and my DH is only at work for the day! LOL! Half the time I can't wait for the weekend to end so I can have my peace and quiet back. (And he's actually a great guy!)
  12. Congratulations on some you time! I know how you feel; I cannot remember the last time I had the house to myself. Enjoy it and have lots of fun!
  13. have fun, I hope you have a fantastic "break"!
  14. Wow, it definitely sounds like you deserve this alone time! Enjoy it! Have a great "vacation"!
  15. It really is an amazing feeling to be alone w/out major obligations. It's soooo relaxing. I am watching tv on hubby's plasma tv, which my kids usually call their own.

    Tomorrow I am going to try to sleep until 9! I probably can't do it (even though my dog can hold it in), but I have to try. I am going to dinner and a girly movie w/ one of my best friends tomorrow. We're seeing "Juno" which Mike would never see. If it doesn't contain breasts and violence it's totally unacceptable. I decided to screw the wine and went straight to vodka and diet coke. Irishgal was supposed to drink w/ me but she's on a different coast and I'll probably be asleep by then, the loser.