Ladies, here's a look at the Legacy Thompson INK Tophandle...

  1. ...pictured with a couple of other bags to give you a frame of reference for size. Measurements can be found on, in the Bleecker Boutique.

    IMO, it's a beautiful bag & color with the Legacy stripe lining, generously sized, but lightweight! Enjoy the pics...

  3. Which of the Thompson bags do you like better? I have the Karee but was thinking about exchanging it for the top handle.
  4. The bag is d-i-v-i-n-e!! The ink is such a lovely color - thank you for sharing :yes:!
  5. wow, thanks so much for sharing these pics! i had no idea the thompson has the legacy lining! it looks absolutely fab. but i think i'm more in love with your legacy rose wallet! :nuts: and what is the gold thing next to your wallet? looks like a clutch or wristlet or something utterly gorgeous! lol
  6. they are beautiful...enjoy them
  7. Thanks so much, you were drooling at the Legacy Folded Wristlet in Metallic Gold, from 2006!
  8. coachgrl-could you take a modeling pic of "Karee"?;)
  9. those bags are super gorgeous!
  10. I Am Ordering The Karee Tomorrow
  11. Gorgeous bags!! That ink is such a pretty color. Thanks for sharing!!
  12. LOVE LOVE LOVE the color, thanks for the picts & Congratulations! Great bags, don't you love your pony hair zebra stripe bag?
  13. GORGEOUS!!!!!!!! I LOVE everything!!!! I love your pink legacy wallet too!!!!!!! Thanks so much for posting!
  14. Congrats! I love your Thompson Top handle and your Karee! Enjoy your fabulous bags!